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Our Finest Wood Tobacco Caddy-Pipe Racks


New! Man-sized Walnut Tobacco Caddy. Holds 8 pipes plus full

pound of tobacco. Handsomely styled .. natural wood grain, pol–

ished to a perfect finish. Even if you paid $14.97 for this striking caddy,

we're sure you couldn't get finer materials-or better workmanship.

Brass screen contains large clay moistener .. keeps tobacco fresh,

fragrant .. contrasts nicely with white glass liners on caddy lid and

bottom. Interior sides are walnut-lined. Hinged lid fits tightly.

Truly an elegant addition to office or den .. and a practical way to

keep his smoking needs together. Felted bottom. 12;Vix7Y2 in. high.

87 N 407-Solid walnut. Shipping weight 6 pounds. . .......•..... .. .. . .$6.97

· [fil



on handsome 6-pipe Tobacco Caddy. A terrific value-

was $4.97.

Your choice of blonde-finish sycamore or solid walnut.

Holds 12 ounces of tobacco in fresh-smelling cedar-lined interior. Tight–

fitting hinged lid with clay moistener to keep tobacco fresh. Compact,

streamlined space-saving design- neatest way we know of to keep pipe–

smoking paraphernalia together in home or office.

An excellent gift that he'll be proud to display . . eager to use.



inches. Order today.

87 N •IOO-Beautiful solid walnut. Shipping weight 3 pounds..... . . . ..... $3 .97

87.N 401-light blonde finish. Shipping weight 3 pounds . . ..... • .•..... 3 .97

Fills-Easy Pouches


New! Handsome os-

trich-grained calfskin.

Just press bottom of pouch

to release tobacco. Rubber





Print 2 initia./s.

87 N R317-Wt. 8 oz.. .$1.97


Yorkshire Combination

Pouch clips on belt.

Top grain brown saddle

leather. Separate pipe com–

partment. Rubber lining.

Press gold plated corners

to release tobacco. 4;Vix5



Print 2 initials.

87 N R307-Wt. 8 oz... $2.47



Air-tight Leather Pouches

Pouches below feature seamless molded rubber inte–

riors .. keep tobacco fresher, fragrant longer. 'J>atented

rubber lips press tightly together as pouch zips closed

.. keep tobacco from clogging zipper.


Combination Tobacco Pouch of finest imported

New Zealand deerskin. Separate zipper compart–

ments hold tobacco and pipe. Color tan.

Print 2


Shipping weight 4 ounces.

87 N R319-Combination. 6


x3Y2 inches... . . . . ... $4.98

87 N R318- As above, less pipe comportment.


in. 3.97


Smooth Cowhide Combination Tobacco Pouch.

Separate zipper compartments for tobacco, pipe.


black or brown.

Print 2 initia./s.

Shpg. wt. 8 oz.

87 N R306-Combination. 6x3Y2 inches..• .. .... .. ... $1.97

87 N R310-As above, less pipe comportment.


x3o/.4 in. 1.47

Handsome Design Smoking Accessories


Cigarette Holder, Ash Tray Set.

At home in living room, office or

den-a pleasing gift for any smoker

on your list. Bronze-plated metal

cast in copper. Twin ash trays. Box

holds about 50 cigarettes. Two pipe

rests. Western designs. 8x12 inches.

87 N 354-Shipping weight 8 lbs... $4.97


Solid Walnut Pipe Rack, Humi-

dor. Holds 8 pipes of all shapes

and sizes around clear glass 12-oz.

tobacco jar. Aztec clay moistener

keeps tobacco fresh. Rack, lid of



walnut. Measures


inches x 8% inches diameter.

87 N 403-Shipping weight 3 lbs... $3.97

Cigarette Case, Lighter


Cigarette-size lighter fits

compactly in genuine

leather cigarette case. Case

also holds full pack (king size

or regular) cigarettes. Gift


State color,

black or


Print 2 initials.

87 N R302-Shpg. wt. 4 oz... $2.97


2 gold-color initials, em–

, bossed on any leather

pouch or cigarette case


Ultra-modern Pipe Rack, Humi-

dor. Solid walnut, holds 6 pipes.

Crystal glass 12-oz. tobacco jar with

Aztec clay moistener in walnut lid ..

keeps tobacco fresh, fragrant: Clean–

flowing contemporary lines, looks well

anywhere. :Measures 67<(x5;Vix8)/i in.

87 N 408-Shipping weight 3 lbs..... $2.97


Our Finest Rack and Humidor.

- Holds 12 pipes. Select solid

straight-grained American walnut ..

elegantly polished to a perfect finish.

12-oz. g_lass humidor. Air-tight walnut

lid, Aztec cJay moistener keeps tobacco

fresh, fragrant. 9


in. high.

87 N 406-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz.... . $4.97


Cigarette Cases




(M){N) Genuine morocco leather padded

cases .. hinged tops .. protect cigarettes

from crushing. Hold full pack. Gold–

color trim, embossed initials at no extra

charge. Assorted popular colors. One of

our most popular gifts, useful to anyone

who smokes. Gift boxed.

Print 2 initials.


87 N R_300-Regular

Postpaid IShpg. wt. 8 oz.I ...... , .. $1



87N R301-King size

Postpaid. IShpg.


8 oz.I . . . . . . . .



NOTE, Pouches, humidors and



this page do

not con–

tain p;pes, tobacco or cigarettes.