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Give Her True lVlanicure Luxury


Our Best Qua lity .. Elegant Manicure Set.

Top-quality forged-steel accessories from

Solingen . . noted for finest implements. Rich

red leather case (7x4Y, in.). Our most com–

plete set. 11 pieces: professional cuticle nip–

per, toenail nipper. more essentials. A luxu–

rious German import. White gift box.

8 N 9509E- 18c Fed. tax incl.I Shpg. wt. 8 oz... $4.97


Thrifty Manicure Set. You'll be ama zed at

t he tiny price .. and so would she, if she

knew! 6 implements included 2 pairs of scis–

sors. Reel simulated leather zipper case (4:Ysx

2%: in.). All imported [rom Germany. Boxed.

8 N 9507E- 14c Fed. tax incl.I Shpg. wt. 4 oz. .. $1.00


Tailored Manicure Set. H ere are the beau-

ty tools she needs for a manicure. 7 imple–


all from German y . 2 scissors, etc.

Pastel ,[(reen leather zipper case (<lx6 in.) de–

tailed with rich gold-color embossing. Gift box.

8 N 9510E- 11 0c Fed. tax incl.I Shpg. wt. 6 oz.. $ 1.97


Manicure -Se wing Kit. For that stitch in

time .. what could be more welcome? 16-

pieces. Cuticle scissors,

matr~1i ng


dled. implements. etc. . . all from Germany.

T hread, needles, etc. keep her neat always.

Pink leather zipper case (.0%;x3 Ys in.). Boxed.

8 N 9511 E- -11


Fed. tax incl.I Shpg. wt. 6 oz. .$2.27


Sma rt Manicure Set holds 7 pieces for fin-

ger-tip loveli ness. Nail ni pper. cuticle scis–

sors, matching plastic-handled implements .

all imported from Germany. Blue leather case

(6Y,x3Ys in.) wit h blac 1


suede li ning.

8 N 9522 E- 115c Fed. tax incl.I Shpg. wl. 8 oz. $2.97


Queen -size Manicure Set. 10 essentials in

a trim case. Leather straps hold fine im–

plements in place. Double-lined in clear plas–

tic for extra protection. Cuticle. nipper, 2 scis–

sors, etc. Desert tan leather zipper case (7x4


in .) . Imported from Germany. Gift box.

8 N 9508E- 116c Fed. tax incl.I Shpg. wt. 8 oz. .$3.97


Manicure -Mirror-Comb Set . M ulti-use,

yet so dainty .. even to gold-color em–

bossing. So handy to tuck in her purse. Comb

serves as mirror handle, too. Powder blue zip–

per case (7x2Y, in.) o[ top grain leather from

Austria. Scissors, tweezers, file, 3 other im–

plements from Germany.

8 N 95 16E- 110c Fed. Tax incl.I Shpg. wt. 6

07. .


[[] Vanity Manicure Set. H andy set she'll use

throughout the year. Mirror in lid for ap–

plying make-up, etc. 8 manicure needs .. scis–

sors, fi le, tweezers, etc. P ink and gold-color

embossed box (8x6 in.) .



8 N 95 15E- 115c Fed. lax incl.I Shpg. wt. 8 oz..$2.47


Nippe r Set. P recision-made professional

cuticle nipper of finest steel [rom Solinge11.

Triple-cut file set into


Pretty blue leather

case. Compact (4Y,x2 Y,-in.) size, snap-clos–

ing for convenience. German import.

8 N 9521

~- 15c

Fed. lax incl.I Shpg. wl. 3 oz..$2.97


Save $1 .00 . Ann Borton Polish Set now a

greater value than ever! 14 pieces for a

complete manicure. Red ostrich-embossed vi–

nyl plastic case (5x6'){x l '){ in.) with zipper.

Contains medium red polish, scissors, nai l

brush, file, etc. (24c Federal tax incl.)

8 N 922 1E- Shpg. wl. I lb . . Was $5.97. Now $4.97


Thrifty Ann Borton Polish Set. 11 pieces in

pink plastic box (7k!x5k!x3 in.) with cut–


d ~signs.

Self-rising tray


natural polish,

remover, cuticle remover. Nail white pencil. 7

more accessories

. .

ideal for


young miss.

8 N 9023E- 15c Fed. tax incl.I WI. I lb. 4 oz.. $2.97


'A/histle-Monicure Knife. Versatile acces-

sory for men or women. J ust slide chrome–

plated w histle out for emergency use. File and

cleaner poi nt plus a handy knife blade. Key

chai n attached. Gleaming stainless steel. Gift

box, lucky penny included. Italia n import.

8 N ;>520- Tiny size .. 1x2



in. Sh



4 oz. $3.97

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