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Thrift-priced · lVatches__ as low as



• All watches precision-made

.. each with anti-magnetic,

shock-resistant movements

. . Attractively gift-boxed

• Sturdy cases for active wear!

Choose a


for dependability, style, price!


Sure to win masculine

votes! Waterproof,

chrome-plated steel case is

attractively designed, yet

especially rugged. Matching

mesh band with stainless

steel back. Luminous dial

with sweep second. Precision

movement keeps accurate

time .. all the time!

4 N l747E-Gift.boxed.$12.94

[]] Wonderfully low priced

but see all the features

you get! Trimly tailored

sports style, truly a man's -

watch! Automatic self·wind–

ing, waterproof. Sweep sec–

ond hand. Luminous hands

and dial for easier reading in

dark. GOid color metal case

has neat leather strap.

4 N 1790E- GHt-boxed . $16.94


Amazingly ·compoct

sports style for women,

boys and girls. Precision

made to keep dependable,

accurate time .. easy-to-read

numerals. Gleaming chrome–

plate case and matching

mesh band .. stainless steel

back. Attractively boxed for


4 N 1860E. .

. .$7.94


Casually styled but pre-

cision made! A wonder–

ful sports style for the ladies

.. and small enough for boys

and girls.Waterproof.Bright–

ly polished chrome-plated

metal case, stainless steel

back. Matchmg mesh band.

Corrvenient sweep second,

luminous hands and dial.

4 N 1865E-- Gift-boxed.$12.94

Easy-on-the-budget Watches for Men .. all styles


(F). (G)

really outstand–

ing buys! 1-jewel Swissmove–

ments for only




One water-resistant

. . easv-to-read dials . . to tell


the time at a glance.


[] Bold, handsome styling

for the active sportsman.

Sturdy chrome-plated steel

case, stainless steel back.

Comfortable leather strap. .

Here is e."<pensive watch de–

signing at a thrifty price!

4 N 1713E........ . . . .. $6.94


Smart, long wearing


gold-color metal case.

New ·wrap around crystal.

Handy sweep second hand.

4 N 1728E-Gift.boxed .$10.44


New! So practical, yet

so sleekly styled! Bright–

ly polished chrome-plated

steel case is water-resistant

.. built to stand up to lots of

hard 'wear. Stainless steel

back. Sweep second, contour

expansion band with lhther

in erts.

4 N 1715E . . . .. ....... .$8.44

4 N 1719E-Same as above but

with leather strop .

.. .....





Some self-wind–

ing, some water-resistant

. .

all with 1-jewel Swiss move–

ments for accuracy. Priced







New! Men's Water-

resistant extra thin clas–

sic round shaped case of

chrome-plated steel. Stain–

less steel back.

Luminous hands, dial and

dots for quick, easy time–

telling. Good looking match–

ing mesh band.

4 N 1712E-Gift-boxed .. $9.44


New Calendar watch to

tell him the time and the

date! Executed in shining

chrome-plated steel .. stain–

less steel back, Neat fitting

leather strap.

4 N 1724E . . ........... $8.94


A lot of popular feo –


tures at this low price!

Self-winding, water-resistant

watch with chrome;plated

steel case . . stainless steel

back. Luminous dial and

hands. Sweep second hand.

Good-looking leather strap.

4 N 1727E-Gift-boxed. $14.94

For the ·Ladies .. Fine Styling at Thrifty Prices


New Sports Style for

the woman who loves

the casual look .. but insists

upon accuracy. Chrome–

plated case with stainless

steel back, expansion band.

Modern luminous dial and

sweep second hand. Perfect

for the active woman.

4 N 1842E-Gift.boxed.. $7.47

4 N 1809E-As above but with

gray leather strap........ $6.47


New Sport Watch with–


out that ''bulky" look

yet so smart. Gleaming gold

color metal case is round,

delicately scalloped to flatter

feminine wrists. Yet ex–

tremdy well made to wear

for years! Attractive gold

color expansion band. 1-

jewel movement is tops for

dependability, too.


N I 802E... .. ........ $9.44


New dainty design . .

fine gold color metal case

that's crafted to give de–

pendable wear. Water-re–

sistant, 1-jewel movement.

Case has stainless steel back.

Convenient sweep second

hand, matching metal mesh

band. Luminous hands, dots.


N 1803E... . ... . ... .$1 0.94


N 1806E-Same os obove but



stro:p .. . ..




Elegant Dress W.;tch to

wear with her loveliest

chemise! Plus many


wanted" features. Rich gold

color metal case and wrist–

Jlattering gold color expan–

sion band. Precision-made,

1-jewel movement. Gold nn–

meralson brushed white dial.

4 N l 832E....

.. ... $10.94

4 N 1833E-Same as above but

with black cord ... . . . .. .$9.94


Prices include 10% Federal ·Excise Tax. Shpg.


each watch 10 oz. All watches shown approx.


actual size