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20-80 DE LUXE CAMPER Ship wt. S lbs . . . . . . . . . . .

. ... 7.95

A versatile new toy that offers many play possibilities The

camper truck can back right up to the water, then load or unload

the battery operated wooden outboard cruiser by crank-operated

winch. Boat is propelled by realistic electric outboard motor. Heavy

gauge steel truck has baked enamel finish. 29" Jong overall, 6"

C 20-58 EMERGENCY WRECKER Ship. wt. 6 lbs............. 5.00

This rugged unit is qualified for any "service" job-towing, push–

ing, lifting or hauling. The big double electric flasher is removable

for use as a road barricade. The wrecker, of auto-lender steel, fea–

tures a "brite-plate" grill and a gleaming white finish. Rolls on long

wearing rubber tires with spare on truck boom. 17" long, 6'/i" high.

Batteries not included. See below.

high. Battery not included, See below.


. ...20

2-10 SET OF 3 BATTERIES FOR 20-58 ........ . ............ .....60


20-38 MICHIGAN SHOVEL Ship. wt. 11 lbs................ .9.95

B 20-67 LANDSCAPING SET Ship wt. 6 lbs...


A most active working scale model, the crank operated Michigan

Loaded with tools and trees and ready to work, this sturdy GMC

Shovel is a real "mountain mover" The bucket takes a full "bite"

model truck has hoisting boom for uprooting stubborn tree stumps

and is amazingly efficient in picking up elusive materials. When

raised to the top of the long sturdy boom, bucket is tripped auto-

Three realistic Lichen trees to "plant" and work on are included.

matically, dropping its load. Ol 20·gauge steel construction through-

Truck is made of heavy gauge steel and rolls on long-wearing rub-

out with baked enamel finish. Boom housing pivots on chassis.

ber tires. 18" long from end of boom to tail gate,



31 1/i" long,




wide, 20 1




E 20-16 SIT-N-RIDE DUMP TRUCK Ship. wt. JO lbs..

. .... . .... 6.95

Automobile steering makes this heavy-duty dump truck maneuverable lor the driver,

who sits astride the removable steel seat. Roomy enough for a big· "payload", and

steered by the raised "wheel" it has a baked enamel Jinish and rubber tires. 201/i"

long and 12" high. Rugged steel construction.


2-320 WORKMAN Has added play possibility for trucks. Wt. l lb............. 1.50

Flexible rubber figure. Assumes various positions.

G 20-4 LAND ROVER DUMP TRUCK Ship. wt. 7 lbs..

. ............ 7.95

A new extra heavy duty dump truck, featuring hydraulic dumping action and huge

semi-soft rubber "Land Rover" tires that go through and over the roughest terrain.

Solidly constructed of heavy steel, it is IS" long and 61/i" high Baked enamel finish.

H 40-121 WAREHOUSE LOADING SET Ship wt. JO lbs. Express...

. .... 10.95

Outstanding play appeal in this new 17 piece Warehouse Set that features a steel

Coca-Cola truck and a steel Store Delivery truck with two barrels, loaded by the

operating Fork Lift Truck. The box !olds into a handsome loading platform. Coca-Cola

truck has cases of "Coke" to be unloaded by conveyor and delivered to "stores" by

hand truck. Trucks roll on long-lasting rubber tires.


40-224 STATE HI-WAY DEPARTMENT Ship. wt. 18 lbs. Express. . ......... 19.95

A rugged set for young construction engineers, this appealing group includes four

easily-recognizable trucks-Road Grader, Dump Truck, Hydraulic Dump Truck, and

a Pick Up Truck for light hauling. All of heavy gauge steel with rubber tires and

baked enamel finish. Sizes range up to 17" length of Road Grader. Set includes 6

road signs and 2 road barriers.