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From Santa's Workshop,

Alligator .•. symbol of luxury and prestige


Slim Executive Wallet hand-crafted of gleaming Brazilian alli-

gator, trimmed with rich saddle cowhide. He'll appreciate the

roomy card pockets, open and secret bill pockets, phone index.

83 N 3193E-Co/or brown. Shipping weight 6 ounces......•....Each $15.00


Our Finest Pass Case Billfold. Brazilian alligator, trimmed with

saddle cowhide. Leather covered removable 8-view pass case.

Open and secret bill pockets. Card, stamp and key pockets.

83 N 3199E-Co/or brown. Shipping weight 4 ounces•..• • ...•.. Each $15.00

[]) South American alligator trimmed with saddle cowhide. 8-view

removable pass case. 2 card pockets. Divided bill pockets.

83 N 3160E-Co/or brown. Shipping weight 6 ounces..•••••..•.• Each $7.50

African Ostrich .• • distinctively beautiful


Smart, Streamlined Pass Case Billfold lined with sturdy saddle

cowhide . . . bench-made by master craftsmen. He'll really

enjoy the convenience of the open and secret bill compartments,

the roomy card and stamp pockets, and the 2 spare key pockets.

Add to those features a removable leather covered 8-view pass

case and you have a billfold he'll be proud of.

83 N 3195E-Co/or ton. Shipping weight


ounces•. .......• ... .Each $10.00

Long Wearing India Water Buffalo Calf


Handsome, Hand-finished Sapphire Grain Wallet. 12-view

leather covered accordion-style pass case. Open and secret bill

pockets. Card and stamp pockets. Removable currency fold.

83 N 3036E-Stote co/or block, brown, ton. Shpg. wt. 6 oz• . . •. ... Eoch $5.00


Popular Pass Case Billfold in rugged Scotch grain. 8-view

leather covered removable pass case. Pass case wings can be

easily added or replaced. 2 spare key pockets. Opeu and secret bill

pockets. Card, stamp pockets. Stitchless construction.

83 N 3038E- Stote


block, brown, ton. Shpg. wt. 6 oz•• .. •.. Each $5.00

Smooth Calfskin and Sturdy Cowhide


Pass Case Billfold .. 8-view removable pass case. Open and

secret bill pockets. Card, stamp pockets.


black or brown.

83 N 3059E-Colfskin. Shipping weight


ounces......••.• . .• . Each $5.00

83 N 3048E-Cowhide. Shipping weight


ounces.....• .... .. . . Each 3.50


Coin Pocket Billfold . . large gussetted coin pocket. Detachable

8-view leather covered pass case. Zipper and open bill com–

partments. Roomy card pocket.

State color

black or brown.

83 N 3052E-Colfskin. Shipping weight 6 ounces . .• • • •.• . . . .•. Each $5.00

83 N 2862E- Cowhide. Shipping weight 6 ounces.• •• •• . • ••..•. Each 3.50

A gift of elegance • .. A Handsome Wallet of soft,

pliable, long-wearing pin seal only


It's hard to find leather more luxurious than fine pin seal. It's even

harder to find such quality pin seal at such a moderate price. He'll

love the wallet .. and how he'll admire your taste!

[[] Pass Case Billfold of supple but sturdy pin seal. 8-view remov-

able pass case ... wings can easily be added or replaced.

2 roomy card and stamp pockets. 2 spare key pockets insure you

against losing keys. Open and secret currency compartments.

83 N 3050E-Stote


block or brown. Shipping wt. 4 oz... •.. Each $7.50


Executive-style Billfold. Turned edge construction. Hand-

crafted by leather experts from finest quality pin seal. Roomy

card pockets. Address and telephone index. Open and secret cur–

rency compartments. A gift he'll enjoy and long remember.

83 N 3011

E- Stote cofor

block or brown. Shipping


4 oz. . .... Each $7.50

All prices incl.


Fed. Excise Tax. Wallets

about 31hx4~

in. closed.