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Electric Vibra-Brush

invigorates scalp

May help save hair if roots still have

life. Helps free head from falling hair

and loose dandruff.

Vibrating action strokes the hair,

cleans and stimulates the scalp .. helps

women, too. Sturdy plastic handle,

anodized aluminum head. Durable

nylon bristles. 6-foot cord. UL ap–

proved. 110-120-volt, 00-cycle AC.

Save $1.00. Was $7.97.



6435-Shpg. wt.




oz... . . $6.97

Our Finest Manicure Set

6 professional-quality implements

.. fashioned by master craftsmen

from Solingen's finest surgical

steel. Rich nut brown, top grain

cowhide case, with protective

suedeflap and lining.Includes man–

sized toe nail nipper, pocket finger

nail clipper, pin-point cuticle scis–

sors. 3 others .. all highly polished,

heavily chrome-plated over nickel.

A German import.


in. 29c

Federal tax included.

8 N 9346E-Boxed. Wt. 1 lb... $8.97

Our Finest Hair Brushes

solid ebony, natural bristles

Handsomely grained precious ebony

backs . . hardest, most durable wood

used for brushes. With bleached

natural boar bristles from India–

among the world's finest.

Hair is groomed better because

bristles have thousands of micro–

scopic ends coaxing, cleansing,stimu–

lating hair root circulation. Finely

styled, de luxe finish. From Japan.

Handsomely gift boxed.


Club Style.

6Ys inches long.

8 N

9209- Shpg. wt. 12 oz... $5.77


2-pc. Military Set.

Each 4Ys in.

8 N

9214-Shpg. wt. 1 lb.. . $12.67

Nylon-bristle Hair Brushes

are durable, easy to clean


All-nylon Brush Set ..


lionally gu.aranteed 5 years!


tough, you can drop it, step on it–

wo n't break, crack or chip. Brush

6)12 in. long . . may be boiled· for

sterilization. Crimped bristles cleanse

hair. Matching comb. Gift boxed.

8 N 9077- Shpg. wt. 10 oz .... . . $3.77


4-pc. Grooming Set.


metal backs, polished to a bril–

liant sheen. Set includes 2 military

hair brushes, each 4


inches long,

plus an efficient, lint-picking clothes

brush and plastic dressing comb.

Shipping weight I lb. 2 oz.

8 N

9393-Gift boxed . . . ... . .. $1.97

Hang-up Valet holds his valuables

overnight .. speeds dressing

Attaches to closet door .. or wall ..



coins, keys, wallet, watch,

pen, etc. neatly in place, out of sight.

Hanging from metal tie bar


a club

or military-style clothes brush .. sorry,

no choice. Efficient natural bristles.

Brown plastic tray mounts with 2

screws (included).

Shipping weight I lb. 4 oz.



9351 - 19'Jlx5%x3 inches ... .. $3.97

From Head to Toe

Keep him in trim wherever he goes .. give him a handy, travel-styled manicure set


6-pc. Set.

Brown top grain cowhide

zip case. Corkscrew-bottle-opener–

knife. toe nail nipper, pocket clipper, 3

others. Nickel-plated hot forged steel.

German import. 23c Fed. tax incl.

8 N 9343E-Boxed. 6x3% in. Wt. 12 oz. $5.



5-job Pocket Manicure Implement.

Sleek, stainless steel Italian import

sports an ingenious built-in nail clipper . .

plus a scissors, knife blade, nail file with

cleaner point, key chain loop. Only 2



8 N 9600-Gift box. Shpg.



oz..... $3.47




Every manicure need

.. in a handsome, tan leather zipper

case. Features man-sized nickel-plated

toe nail nipper, 2 scissors, 7 others.

6%x4 in. 18c Fed. tax included.

8 N 9324E-Gift boxed. Wt. 12 oz.. $3.97


Executive Pocket Set.

A fine

quality English import. Rich

highland leather snap case with gold–

plated nail scissors, file and tweezer.



Federal tax included.

8 N 9590E- Gift boxed. Wt.


oz.. . $1.97


9 Handy Manicure Implements . .

low priced. Good-looking tan lea–

ther zip case with 2 curved scissors,

7 other implements. Nickel-plated.

From Germany. 9c Fed. tax incl.

8 N 9320E-6x3% in. Wt. 8 oz.. . $1.97


Chrome-plated Pocket Tool.

Nail file-cleaner, knife, bottle

opener, key chain-all

in one!


uine pigskin case. 2


in. long. 2c; 4c

Fed. tax incl. Boxed. Wt. ea. 6 oz.

8 N 9058E-Eoch $1 .00 .. . . 2 for $1.79

NOTE FOR BOTH PAGES: "E" alter catalog number means


Federal Excise Tax included in price unless otherwise stated