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Grooming aids in traveling togs keep him looking sharp away from home


Baton Travel Shave Brush.

Silky-soft pure badger bris–

tles lather him up with the


handle is strong, won't break or

chip. Ready to go places in a

compact plastic case. Brush

measures 3% in. long over-all.

8 N 7687-Shpg. wt. 3 oz.... $2.97


Travel Mirror.

Luxury quali-

ty. Turn it over to convert

from plain to magnifying mirror

.. brass gooseneck stand adjusts

to any angle. Packs fiat . . hand–

some simulated suede case. 47i–

in. diam.

8 N 9272- Shpg. wt. 1 lb.... $8.97


Pocket-size Travel Kit.


in brief-case or glove com–

partment. Zip-top simulated lea–

ther case with toothbrush, razor,

blades, mirror, comb .. room for

more. Everything is at your

fingertips. Fine art product from



in. Shpg. wt. 8 oz.

8 N 9215E-7c Fed. tax incl.. . $1.47


Hair Brush and Shaving Kit

.. all in one! Military brush

snaps on and off simulated lea–

ther travelcase.Fittedwithrazor,

blades, shave cream, styptic pen–

cil, nail tile, comb. 5x3x27'2 in.

lOc; 16c Fed. tax incl. Wt. 8 oz.

8 N 9359E- $2.47... 2 for $3.97

for the Man on the Go


14-pc. Fitted Travel Kit.


cure and spruce-up needs-all

in a handsome tan leather zip case.

Complete with shoe horn, clothes

brush, .and containers for your

toiletries. Washable lining. 87\lxS

in. Boxed. From Germany. 19c

Fed. tax included.

8 N 9567E-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2 oz. $3.97


Glove-tanned Cowhide Pouch.

Fitted with necessities .. soft

leather, drawstring top lets it pack

anywhere. Washable plastic lining.

With hair brush, razor, shave

cream, blades, toothbrush, tooth

paste. 19c Fed.


incl. Wt. 8 oz.

8 N 9381 E- 8!/,x3Vz inches.... $4.97

Visor Kits keep driving aids handy

Smooth Sailing with Old Spice

Our Finest top grain cowhide Travel Kits



Luxury in leather .. every-

thing from cowhide shaver case to manicure

implements and nail nipper. Chrome-plated hair

brush, toiletry containers on removable tray. Large

snap pocket. 12 fittings, room for more. From

Germany. 47c Federal tax included.

8 N 9562E-9V>X5:Y.x2 V. in. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 14 oz. $9.97


Bellows Kit.

Zip top, amazing capacity. Com-

plete with military hair brush, razor, blades,

shave cream, toothbrush, tooth paste, styptic pen–

cil .. even a washcloth! Fine leather .. washable

lining halts leaks. 34c Federal



8N9372E-8V.x4Vz inches. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. . . . . .. . $7.97


Good Quality Visor Kit

serves commuters


Travel-light Set.

The famous clipper ship

Distinctive new scent for the man of the world

or long distance travelers. Plastic holder

for parking meter coins. Plus pencil, pad, zip

map case; room for comb, sunglasses, ciga–

rettes. Simulated leather. 13%x5



8 N 9611 - White. Shipping weight 10 oz... . $1.97


Our Best Visor Kit

is top grain


handsome, long-lasting. Snap flap conceals

plastic coin holder. Large zipper map case,

plenty of room for cigarettes and sunglasses.

Pencil and note pad incl. 13%x57\l in.

8 N 9612- Rich brown color. Shpg. wt. 12 oz. $3.97

rides on lightweight, unbreakable bottles ..

a giant, 4%'-oz. size after shave lotion that's

brisk as an ocean breeze . . a handy 2%-oz.

push-up stick deodorant for lasting protection.

8 N 9436E-Postpoid. IShpg. wt. I lb. 4 oz.I . .. $2.48


Traveler Set.

Refreshing he-man scent

bottled in unbreakable lightweight, plastic,

with the famous clipper-ship design. Contains



oz. of breeze-fresh spray deodorant .. and

2 oz. of bracing after shave lotion.

8 N 9438E- Postpoid. IShpg. wt. 8 oz.I . ... . .. $1.38


After-shave lotion and Cologne Set. A

masculine scent,

for the man of action, the man who's going places. Hand–

somely bottled, handy travel pack. Man-sized 6-oz. quantities

will have your man sitting on top of the world.

8 N 9594E- 2-pc. set. Postpaid. IShpg. wt. 2 lbs.I .. . . . . . . . . . $8.25

8 N


oz. After Shove lotion. Postpaid. !Wt. 1 lb.I . . . 3.85

8 N 9593E- 6 oz. Cologne. Postpaid. IShpg. wt. 1 lb.I . . . . . . .



Metered Cologne. A

push of the button releases a meas–

ured amount of masculine scent. Saves time for the man

on the go. Striking black and gold-color case. 1 ounce.

8 N 9595E- Postpoid. !Shipping weight 7 ouncesl . . . . . ... ... $3.85

Call Sears and say "CHARGE IT." See page 295 to open an .account, page 290 for number to call