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Complete Sportsmen's Kit featuring 7-powe r binocula rs

Just look what you get for one low price! TOWER 7x50 mm. binoculars PLUS lens

covers, engraved cigarette lighter, 2-cell penlight, J . C. HIGGINS hand warmer,

shatterproof plastic sunglasses, jeweled bearing compass. Genuine pigskin leather

fitted carrying case has zippered top, and adjustable padded neckstrap. Cotton

velveteen lining. 7-power binoculars have center focus wheel plus adjustable right

eyepiece . . die-cast aluminum frames .. fine achromatic and optically ground, mag–

nesium fluoride coated lenses from Japan . . leather covered barrels. Price includes

$2.72 Fed. Ex. Tax.


N 06207E-Case size 9x8Y2 inches high. Shipping weight 4 lbs... ... .. •.·.... •.. •. . . . .

$3 4.47

Our most powerful Binoculars plus ad justable Tripod

The most powerful we've ever sold-20-power,


mm. for long–

range viewing. Easy center-wheel focusing. Fine quality achroma–

tic lenses fully coated with magnesium fluoride. Die-cast aluminum

frames increase durability .. leather-covered barrels for easy grip.

Genuine leather carrying case is oversize .. has extra storage space.

Adjustable 12-in. tripod telescopes to fit in case .. turns in all di–

rections for quick, complete viewing. 156 ft. field of view. Snap-On

sun filters included. 10% Federal Excise Tax Included.


N 06242E-lmported from Japan. Shipping weight 8 pounds.. . .. ..



New high-powered Telescope . . See moon craters I

The space age is here! 40-power refractor telescope includes rubber–

t ipped tripod .. adjusts from 2 to 5 feet. White enamel barrel is

29 in. open .. 26 in. closed. Coated achromatic 60 mm. objective

lens has 92° field of view (48 ft. at 1000 yds.). Alt-azimuth all–

round mounting for both celestial and ground viewing. Black



in. sunshade. Imported from Japan.


N 6307-Shipping weight 9 pounds . . . ... .... .. .. . ... . ....•• .



Complete Microscope Sets

For b udding doctors, chemists or scientists

Our Good Quality

(not shown).

400-power microscope set. Magni–

fication from 3 objectives on revolving turret. Set includes 12 pre–

pared slides, storage case and 130-page booklet. 7




N 6374-9x9Y2X4 in. case. From Japan. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs . .. . ... . ...



Our Better Qua lity. 50 to 675-power magnification microscope.

Three revolving objective lenses and double eyepieces have 6

magnifications up to 675-power. All-directional mirror. Set includes

12 prepared slides, electric lamp, simulated leather carrying case

and 130-page booklet, "Hunting with the Microscope."


N 6357-Size 11 Y2Xl2'!. x4 inches. From Japan. Shpg. wt. 10 lbs.. . .



Our Best Quality. Precision 750-power microscope PLUS fully

equipped accessory kit. 2 eyepieces and revolving objective

lenses give 6 power magnification ranging from 50 to 750-power.

All-directional mirror. Includes 5-piece dissecting kit, 12 prepared

slides, blank slide kit with 25 slides, cover glass. cement and 130-

page booklet. Simulated leather attache case with lock and key.


N 06366- Size 11 Y2Xl6Y2X4 V. in. From Japan. Shpg. wt. 11 lbs . ...