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Firm-Line Home Plan


Only $5,00 down

Develop the slender. eye-c.:tching appearance you've always ad–

mired in others. Discover the happiness and spirit of youth that

comes from looking and feeling your best. Here's all you do: Take


tablets to reduce food craving, make it easier to follow

a sensible diet (31-day supply included) . Use the enclosed calorie

chart to select menus that are rich in protein and food energy, yet

restricted in calories. Working together, these tablets and a lower

caloric intake can help you trim away those excess inches and pounds.

Then let this

Frru.1-L INE

massager gently exercise your body. providing

the physical activity which helps improve circulation, soothe over–

exerted muscles, relieve minor aches and pains due to fatigue. Enjoy

forward or side massage in luxurious comfort on cotton and plastic

foam padded cushions. Relax on gold-color leather-look vinyl uphol–

stery. Steel frame has attractive baked-on enamel finish.

Plan also includes sand bag, timer and instructions.

8 N

MT1174- 89it19Y>X16Y2

inches high. Shipping weight


lbs.. . ......


3-speed Vibrator Hassock with Heat

Extra thoughtful gift for someone who

spends many hours on his feet. Helps

soothe and relax tired leg muscles, im–

prove circulation. Doubles as a -smart–

looking bench or footrest. Pastel blue

leather-look vinyl upholstery. Plastic foam

padding. 20}Sxl6xl4 inches. 50 watts.

8 N

01029- Wt.

13 lbs.

$2.50 down . .

. .


8 N 01025-As above,



and no

heat. Ivory-color upholstery. W t. 13 lbs . .


Figure Lounge provides wonderful all-over vibration





You '11 feel so relaxed and refreshed as

its tingling pulsations help improve cir–

culation, relieve minor aches and pains

due to overwork or fatigue. 3-speed se–

lector gives vibration you like best . .

special construction transmits sensa–

tions throughout entire lounge.

Upholstered in turquoise leather-look

vinyl with gold-color trim.


wood fiber padding. Chrome plated

tubular steel legs. 72xl8xl0 inches high.

Shipped freight (rail or truck) or ex–

press. Shipping weight 20 pounds.

8 N MTl 188- $5.00

monthly.. .. . .

_. $38.97

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