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3-speed, self-contained Vibra-Master Thermopad

With remote control





Lightweight storage and carrying case has exclusive

luggage stylini?. Snap off lid .. there's a large vi–

brator-heat pillow with genuine rotary motion to

help soothe and relax your entire body. Perfect way

to take it easy after a hard day's work, relieve that

tired, over-exerted feeling.

Handy push-button control panel lets you change

vibration intensity or apply heat without disturb–

ing that nice, comfortable position. Pillow uphol–

stered in bronze-color embossed vinyl, padded with

plastic foam. Durable plastic case is 13xl9



8 N 1028-40 watts. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs. 8 oz.........


Vibra-Master Cushion with rheostat control

Provides exhilarating vibration at exact degree

of desired intensity. Helps you relax, relieve

minor strains. Apply after work or a busy day

around the house. Helps stimulate circulation,

soothe over-exerted muscles in neck, shoulders,

back, midriff and legs. Ivory-color Naugahyde

plastic. Padded with plastic foam.

8 N 1026-13\/>Xl lx5 inches. Shpg.


10 lbs...•. $13.97

Modernly designed Vibra-Master footwarmer

Comfort treat for those sore, tired feet. Sends up re–

laxing vibration and gentle waves of beat .. simply

press the desired pedal. A sure winner with mothers,

secretaries, salesmen, athletes .. anyone on his feet

a Jot. Wonderful for invalids, too. Made of unbreak–

able brown-color Boltaron plastic. Bronze color carry–

ing handle and pedals. 19x13x2 inches. 25 watts.

8 N 1027-Shipping weight 6 pounds....


down $25.97

Trimobile Exerciser

Use as pulleys and chinning bar or convert

to bicycle and rowing machine. Lets you

enjoy a variety of exercises to help improve

circulation, tone muscles and develop firm

contours. Wonderful body conditioner for

men, women and children, too.

Two steel tension springs with removable

handle grips attach to sturdy steel torsion

bar. Bar adjusts from 26 to 33 in... fastens

easily and without screws to any standard

doorway. Rubber pads protect woodwork.

Illustrated instruction booklet included.

8 N 1031-Shipping weight 3 pounds, 8 ounces $4.77

Calorie Counter

Keeps track of your daily

caloric intake .. tells yon when

it's time to Hstop." Press lever

to register amounts. 4 in. Jong

.. fits in purse or pocket. Com–

plete with booklet of calorie

charts and menu suggestions.

8 N 9120-Plostic. Wt. 8 oz.$4.95



an unusual pain or possible disease exists, consult your physician before ordering any mas–



vibration equipment. All items except 8 N 1031 and 8 N 9120


on 110-120-volt, 50-60-cycle AC