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Wherever fashion is in the air . .

Continental Set. Touch

the metered spray for just

the right amount. Beauti–

ful black and gold-color

dispensers hold Black Sa–

tin's captivating fragrance.

1-oz. cologne, l


perfume. Gift boxed. Ppd.

8 N 9596E-1Wt. I lb.1.$5.50

8 N 9597E- lV2-droms perfume,

metered sproy. IWt. 3 ozJ$3.85

8 N 9598E- 1-oz. cologne in

metered spray. tWt. ?oz.J .$3.85

The Classic. A perfect

blending of two exalted

gifts and crafts-silver and

perfume. Designed for the

loveliest. Elegant sterling

silver chalice holds 3 drams

of bewitching Black Satin.

Smooth and lustrous as

satin itself. Metered spray

provides just enough to

cast a spell. Gift boxed.


8 N 9422E- 1Wt.5oz.t$ l 3.75

Spray an Enchanting Cologne Mist


Petite Mist by Coty. l



8 N 9538E- l'Aimont. Enticing. IWt. 4 oz.I . .


8 N 9539E- Emeroude. Jewel frogrance.IWt. 4 oz.I 2.75


Shulton Desert Flower. Exciting. mysterious.

8 N 9389E-4Y. .oz. Postpoid.1Wt.12oz.t .. .$2.75


My Sin by Lanvin. Provocative, sultry.

8 N 9445E- 3 oz. Postpaid. IShpg. wt. 10oz.I.



Tobu by Dana. "The forbidden fragrance."

Envelops her with a tender, teasing bou–

quet. Gay, exotic and so alluring.

8 N 3016E-3 oz. Postpaid. IShpg. wt. 12 oz.I . . .$3.30

Exciting Gifts to make your sweetheart sparkle

Lovely Dresser Sets add glamour to her daily grooming

Around -the-neck Mirror. So

useful .. keeps hands free to

comb hair, apply cosmetics.

Use also in hand or resting

on its stand. One side re–

flects her beauty, the other

magnifies it ! Adjusts to any

angle . . locks in position.

Genuin e polished brass

frame. Copper-backed.

5 ~in. diam. 12-in. long over-all.

Imported from Germany.

8 N 9291 - Shpg. wt. l lb.. $8.97

[[] Lucite Make -up and Tissue Case. Keeps all

her beauty aids neatly arranged in one con–

venient place. Made of lustrous crystal-clear

lucite . . the finest in plastic. Special compart–

ments for 6 lipsticks, combs, brushes, pins, tis–

sue and manicure implements (not included).

8 N 9440-9Y,xl3V2XI


inches. Wt. I lb. 6 oz..



Natural Bristle Solid Ebony Brush. Boar

bristles from India . . microscopic ends clean

and groom her hair. Precious ebony wood from

Indonesia has satin buff finish. 8 in. long.

8 N 9208-Y,-round style.Made inJapan.Wt.12



Silver-plated Cupid Set. Aims its arrow

straight at her heart. Beaut ifully em–

bossed metal case with antique design

doubles as a jewelry box. Contains match–

ing 11


hand mirror, nylon brush

and comb. Love motif reminds her of you.

8 N 9004-Giftboxed.Shpg.wt.41bs.12oz.$ l 2 .67




Dresser Set.

Imagine, 5 pieces




J eweler's bronze frame,

simulated Petit-point design. 13-in. hand

mirror, comb, brush, powder and cream jars.

8 N 9278-Gift boxed. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8


Keep out o f the holiday crowds. Do your Christmas shopping the modern, convenient way

. .

by telephone. See page 290

Our Finest •• 6-piece genuine

gold -plated Set. Magnificent

ensemble guards her beauty

for life. Features 12x18-in.



tray with

delicate gold-plated lace gal–

lery . . felt-backed. Handsome

chest also contains 13-in.

band mirror, comb and nylon–

bristled brush with removable

block for thorough cleansing . .

plus powder jar and atomizer.

8 N 91 54- Wt. 10 lbs. ... $ 29.97