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Kenmore Dryer-Chair

Brings "beauty shop" care to your home

All the plush comfort of a professional salon. Sit

back, relax in this ultra-modern chair. Set the

thermostat control and tilt the hood forward . .

dryer starts automatically, remains at exact tem–

perature you select. None of those uncomfortable

"hot spots" .. you stay cool and fresh.

Built-in reading lamp and full-view plastic visor

for your convenience. Afterward, remove dryer ..

pink plastic upholstered chair becomes a handsome

piece of furniture. Chrome-plated tubular steel legs.

Motor never needs oiling. 2lx28x55 inches high.



Sent freight (rail or truck) or express.

8 N M873S- 3·yeor

guarantee. Wt.

65 lbs.





Upright Hair Dryer

Thrilling gift and constant reminder of your

thoughtfulness. Dries her entire head at one

time. Automatic "magic" dial control-set it . .

forget it. Thermostatically controlled so dryer

is never too cold or too hot. Streamlined metal

base design provides greater stability. Heavy–

duty motor gives salon-type performance. Spe–

cially curved plastic rim speeds air circulation.

Twist knob to adjust height. Unit adapts for

easy storage. 400 watts.

State color

ivory or turquoise. Shipped freight

(rail or truck) or ei.-press. Shpg. wt. 49 lbs.

8 NM8702- 3-yeor






Short of ready cash for the

holidays? Use Sears Easy Terms




FREE $1.93 battle

Cologne with

Hand Dryer al left

Kenmore Hand Hair Dryers

Compact, portable . . designed to give handy, quick hair drying

Double as hose, lingerie and nail polish dryers, too

Our Finest Dryer and Haod


FREE Sortilege Cologne

.. doubles her joy at gift-giving time! Dryer features ex–

clusive new 4-position dial control. Vinyl hood with long

connecting hose dries hair faster, leaves hands free.

Fine Quality Dryer and Hood .. a

luxury gift combination at this at–

tractive low price. Dryer has a

green metal body. removable wood

handle. Rubber mounted stand

won't scratch or mar surfaces.

Powerful 440-watt unit blows air for maximum dis–

placement . . gives quick, thorough drying without mess–

ing hair. Easy tilting head. Sleek plastic handle and base.

Flame-proof plastic hood for

ease in drying home permanents

. . leaves hands free for manicur–

ing, writing, etc. Approx. 4x7x9

inches .. stores easily. 215 watts.

Pkase state color

turquoise or beige.

8 N 8727E-18c Fed. lox incl. on FREE gift. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs..


Sortilege from Paris. l--0z. enchanting floral fragrance.

8 N 8700E- 1& Fed. tox incl. Postpaid. IShpg. wt. 2 oz.I ....



8 N 8722-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs......


Oster Airjet Travel Hair Dryer

Take on trips and use at home, too. No bulky

box to carry or store .. versatile dryer folds

compactly, fits in red simulated alligator plas–

tic travel kit. Lightweight chrome-plated body

provides hot or cold forced air . . dries hair

quickly, thoroughly. Combination stand and

handle tilts to any angle. Complete with wash–

able vinyl hood. 400 watts.

8 N 8707- Shpg.


4 lbs. . . ....


Lady Sunbeam Portable Hair Dryer

New de luxe model gives controlled heat for

quick, comfortable hair drying. Air passes

through hair and over scalp. carrying mois–

ture out escape vents on top. Regulated heat

passes through tiny openings inside hood.

Separate vent in front for drying nail polish.

Flexible plastic hood and hose fit inside smart–

ly styled carrying case. 350 watts. Beige.

8 N 8708- Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. 4 oz.

$3.50 dn...


NOTE FOR BOTH PAGES: All dryers and shavers UL approved. For 110- 120-volt,



AC only.