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Our Finest, most luxurious Jewelry Cases


Rich mock monogram motif on cover with vanity mirror in-

side. Rayon velvet linings. Center lift-up tray and 2 swing

out trays have 3 sections. Base has 3 large spaces. Simulated

leather. Gold color tooling on pull-out drawer.

State color


coppertone with Indes copper lining, or royal blue with blue.

4N4836- 14V.x7Vax4!4 inches. Shipping weight 4 lbs. 8 oz....



Our largest case .. holds a queen's ransom in jewelry.

Luxurious size: 16%x8Ysx5Ys in. Simulated leather. Rich,

brass crest on cover. Full size mirror in center with 6 sectioned

lift-up tray. 2 automatic swing out trays with 3 spaces. 2 full

size pull-out drawers; top drawer has 3 large spaces, bottom

drawer holds 15 pr. earrings. All rayon velvet lined.

4 N 4837- lvory with crimson red lining. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. 4 oz...


60-in. fresh-water pearl rope (shown) and 1-in. earrings

with sparkling crystal aurora beads as accents. Shpg. wt. 10 oz.

4 N 4451E-Set. 103 Federal Excise Tox included. ..

. ..


Dainty low-priced jewelry cases


Eight-section lift up

tray of rayon velvet ..

holds earrings. Large par–

titioned base in rayon

satin holds bracelets, etc.

Simulated leather. Gold

color tooling on cover.




blue with blue, coral with

coral or ivory with crim–

son red.

4 N 4828- Wt. 2 lbs...


[!] Twelve-section e arring

case . . velvet lined.

Two-color embossed de–

sign on cover. Rayon satin

inside cover with 2 neck–

lace bars. Simulated leath–

er. Gold-color metal rim.

Gold-color lift piece. 1172x




blue with

blue or ivory with peacock


4N4838- 1lb. 12 oz.


[]] Two lift-up rayon velvet-lined trays,


sections in each. Simulated leather.

Padded top with gold color tooling.

Rayon velvet-lined base


3 sections.

Pull-out drawer, velvet lined. 1Hjjx7Ysx

4Ys in.


ivory with peacock blue or

coral with coral.

4 N 4835- Shipping wt. 4 lbs.... . . .


[]] Two pull-out drawers: top one has 3

sections; 12 earring squares in bot–

tom. Top tray has 8 earring squares

and accessory space. Simulated leather.

Rayon velvet lined. Padded top with

gold-color tooling. 11%x7Ysx4Ys in.


blue with blue, ivory with peacock

blue, coral with coral.

4 N 4832- Shipping wt. J lbs. 8 oz...



lift-up tray, base and drawer .. all

rayon velvet lined. Lift-up tray has 4

accessory spaces; base


3. Drawer

pulls out. Simulated leather. Medieval

nobles decorate padded top and inside

rayon satin lining.




coral with coral, ivory with red,

blue with blue.

4 N 4830- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz. .. ..