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Golden glow from the East-silk satin Jacquard

brocade lounging costume .. with hand detail–

ing. Coat lined in shimmering silk satin, closes with

charming silk frogs. Tapered pants have frog-deco–

rated slits, zip at the side. Hand washable. Definite–

ly the most glorious way to relax we know of.



Slate Misses' size

10, 12, 14, 16, 18.

C38 N 8887-Postpoid. IShpg. wt. 2 lbs.l .•.•. . Set



The languid grace of the traditional Kimono

in silk Palace Jacquard brocade, lined in

whisper weight silk. The flowing line held closely at

the waist by a wide wrap-around sash. Deep side

slits. Fine hand stitching. Hand washable.

State Miues' sisle


(10-12); medium (14-

16); large (18-20).

C38 N 8898-Seoloam blue C38 N 8897-Lotus pink


!Shipping weight 2 lbs.I. ••......•. . Each

$34.95 .


Lounger of imported cotton velvet ... a daz-

zling Chinese red, with handsewn detailing. The

majestic little coat closes with a flourish of frogs, is

lined in sumptuous silk satin. Slim pants have slits,

neat side zipper. Hand washable. You, as the giver,

will certainly be Imperial Highness of the household

for many a moon.



State Misses' sil:e

10, 12, 14, 16, 18.

C38 N 8888-Po.stpoid. IShpg.


3 lbs.I ...... Set