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Linens to


her home year 'round

To Spice up the Kitchen

[] Rolling Pin Planter and Towels. 3-piece set. Planter in richly grained cherry

wood (about 19 in. long) charmingly decorated in colorful provincial motif.

Two line quality white cotton terry towels in pretty multicolor rooster print (about

16x28 in.) . . washfast to stay bright, new looking after many launderings. Wrapped

in cellophane and ribboned with a gay red bow.

96 N 1419-Shipping weight 2 pounds... . . . . .. . . ... . ... . . .. . . ... . . . .. .. ... ..... $2.83


"Farmyard" Breakfast Set .. to cheer the morning meal. 7-piece set includes

1 pair of pert hand decorated ceramic salt and pepper shakers .. a cocky

rooster and a hen; 2 matching egg cups, imaginatively shaped; 3 woven check tow–

els (about 16x29 in.) of fine quality cotton .. washfast to stay color bright. Boxed.

96 N 1420-State

predominating color

orange, red. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.. .. ... . . . . . .. .. $2.83


Cherry Patterned Towels in Napkin Holder. 3-piece set includes 1 brass plated

letter or

holder (about 7x9 in.) of sturdy metal; 2 cotton terry kitchen

towels (about 16x28 in.) with hand screen-printed fruit pattern in gay washfast

multicolors on white ground. Cellophane wrapped and decoratively ribboned.

96 N 1417-Shipping weight l pound........ • ...... . . .. . . .... .. . . . .. .... .. .. . . .$1.86


Puppet Oven Mitts •. fun to get the food show on the road with these cleverly

made conversation pieces. Lively red and white checked 80 sq. gingham. Solid–

color red mouth and black cotton felt trim. Cotton wad filled and quilted for heat

protection. Size about 11



inches. Hand wash. Shpg.


7 oz. Boxed.

96 N 1411 - Stale


Slinky Sally (right) or Handsome Harry !left! . ... .. .. . .. . .Each 93c


"Scandia" Kitchen Towel Set. Attractive 6 piece set includes 1 pair of mod·

ernly styled salt and pepper shakers (about 3


in. high) in sturdy white

ceramic with matching pair of oil and vinegar cruets (about 7 in.



brightly striped cotton towels (about 16x29 inches). Washable. Gift boxed.

96 N 1418-State co/or red, yellow. Shipping weight l pound 8 ounces . .. . • .. . .. . .... .$1.86

Bath Towel Sets .. attractively boxed


American Beauty Rose •• 4-pc. Set. Fluffy cotton terry. Screen-

printed rose pattern


your choice of color on white ground; glimmer–

ing accents of non-tarnishing gold-color Mylar* threads on border. One

20x40-in. bath towel, one 15x26-in. hand towel, two 12x12-in. washcloths.

96 N




red, yellow, blue. Boxed. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 7 oz.. .$2.83


Modern Textured Weave .. elegant lines of distinctive simplicity.

Handsomely styled with smooth woven ribs; borders striped with non–

tarnishing gold-color Mylar*. Plush cotton terry . . big, thick, absorbent.

6-pc. set . . two 24x46-in. bath towels, two 16x28-in. hand towels, two

13x13-in. washcloths.

State Harmony House color

Frosty pink, Sunshine

yellow, Horizon blue, Spice brown; white, It. silver gray, It. jade green.

96 N 3576-Attractively gift boxed. Shipping weight 3 lbs. 3 oz... . ... . .. .. •..



Popular Swan Motif. 3-pc. set in thick cotton terry. Serenely floating

swan on bath and hand towels embroidered in 100% nylon. Matching

screen-printed pattern on washcloth. One 20x40-in. bath towel, one 15x25-

inch hand towel, one 12x12-inch washcloth. Washfast. Gift boxed.

96 N 3566-Stale


pink, yellow, blue,


green, white. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 7 oz...$2.83


Rich Solid Shades. Borders attractively highlighted by non-tarnishing

gold-color Mylar* accents.


cotton terry .. so pretty, yet so practi–

cally priced. 4-pc. set .. one 20x40-in. bath towel, one 15x26-in. hand


two 12x12-in. washcloths.

State washfast Harmony House color


pink, Sunshine yellow, Horizon blue; also lt. jade green, white.

96 N 3561-Gilt boxed. Shipping weight 1 pound 3 ounces....... . .... .. .. . .$1.86


Stripes and Solids •• Mix and match .. for decorating fun and bath

beauty . . 6 piece set of fluffy, absorbent cotton terry. In smart solid

colors .. 1 each bath towel, hand towel, washcloth.


matching stripes . . 1

each bath towel, hand towel, washcloth. Bath towels 22x44 in.; hand

towels 15x26 in.; washcloths 12x12 in.

State washfast Harmony House color

Frosty pink, Sunshine yellow, Horizon blue; It. jade green.

96 N 3569-ln smart gilt box. Shipping weight 2 pounds 10 ounces.... ........$3.77


Checked for Glamour. 6-pc. set of velvet soft, wonderfully absorbent

cotton terry. Border accented by non-tarnishing gold-color Mylar*

threads. Two 22x44-in. bath towels, two 15x27-in. hand towels, two 12x12-

in. washcloths.

State waslzfast Harmony House color

Frosty pink, Horizon

blue, Sunshine yellow; It. jade green, white (black checked border).

96 N 3574-Boxed attractively. Shipping weight 3 pounds 4 ounces .......... .



"His and Hers" 6-pc. Set. Fine-quality cotton terry. Includes two

20x40-in. bath towels, two 11x18-in. fingertip towels, two 12x12-in.

washcloths. One each of above "hers" in white with screen-printed pattern,

one each of above "his" in lovely pastel color to match pattern. Washfast.

96 N 3571-State


pin<, yellow, aqua. Gilt boxed. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.


oz.. . . . $3.77

Gifts for Kitchen and Bath



Coordinated Calendar, Kitchen Towels, Apron. Delightful

garden pattern .. screen-printed in merry multicolors.



. .

see Shipping Note below.

Buy 4-piece set .. save!

(13) Personalized Calendar Towel. Styled for kitchen, den or family

room. Fine linen, edges hemmed, washable. Wood rod, hanging cord

included. Personalized in block lettering. Any name up to and including

15 letters (count space between words as one letter).

Please print name.

96 N 4024Mf- Washable. Size about l6V>X29 in.


IShpg. wt. 8 oz.l . . .. $1.67

(14) Terry Kitchen Towels. Personalized with first name .. script lettering.

Washfast. One name per pair.

Pleas• print name.

Order early.

96 N 4022Mf-Size about 17x29 inches. Postpaid. tShpg. wt. pair 8 oz.l . . ... Pair $1.87

(15) Kitchen Apron. Fine washfast cotton terry; white tape binding, ties.

96 N 4023f-Size about 18x30 inches.


tShpg. wt. 6 oz.l ......... • ... $1.67

4-piece Set of Above. Personalized calendar, 2 terry towels and apron.


N 4025Mf-Save 2lc ... buy all 4 pcs. See above.Postpaid. IWt. l lb.80.J. Set $5.00


linen Calendar Towel .. pretty screen-printed provincial design in

lovely multicolors. Wood rod, hanging cord included. Washable.

96 N 4020- Slze about 17x29 inches. Shpq. wt. 10 oz... . ..... . ............. . .93c


"Kiddie" Towel Set. Cotton terry. 20x40-in. bath towel with any

child's first name, 12x12-inch washcloth. Washfast.

Print name.

96 N 3509Mf-Orderearly .. see note below.Ppd. IWt. set8 oz.I Set $1.58; 2 Sets$ 2.97


Personalized Bath Towel Set. Sure to be appreciated and displayed

with pride! Includes 20x40-in. terry bath towel and 12x12-in. wash–

cloth .. adorned with pretty screen-printed design. Any name up to and

including 15 letters on towel only (count each space between words as

one letter). Washfast.

Please print name.

Order early .. see note below.

96 N 3510Mf-Postpaid. !Shipping weight I pound)... . .. . ... .. ... . .2 Sets $2.97




•Reg. DuPont T.M. for polyester film

SHIPPING NOTE: Order before Dec. 12 to insure Christmas delivery; mark order "Not for Christmas" if placed

after Dec. 12 or not required for Christmas. Sorry, no C.0.D. orders. Postpaid from factory near Chicago, Ill.