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Vinyl Covered Stack Cushions


Cord welted, box edges, tassel trim, kapok

filled. Wipe clean.

State Harmony House color

Ming blue, Canyon orange; also ivory.

24·N 1716- Abt. 15V2 in. sq. Wt.2 lbs..

. .Eo. $2.94

24 N 1717- Abt. 17 in. sq. Wt. 3 lbs......... Eo. 4.84

24 N 1718- Abt. 20 in. sq. Wt. 4 lbs........ Eo. 5.84

Huge Harem-style Floor Cushion


Same features as (1) only extra large. So

smart for the popular new look in home decor.

Abt. 28 in. square, 9 in. thick.

State color above.

Shipped hy freight (rail or truck) or express.

24 N Ml719- Shipping weight 13 pounds.. Eoch $10.94

No-iron Zip pe red Corduroy

100% molded Latex foam covered with corduroy ..

self cord trim. Washable.

State Harmo1'y Home color

Ming blue, Frosty pink, Federal gold, Spice brown or

Canyon orange; red, bronze green, white.

Cot. No.




Size about IShpg. wt.I Each 13 for

24N191 14 Square Box 12xl2in..... 1 lb.4oz. $2.97 $8.46

24Nl 9 115 Round Box 12-in. diam... 1 lb.. . . . 2.97 8.46

24N19 116 Triangle Box1l2·in. ea. side 1 lb..... 2.97 8.46

Decora tor Beauty

Shimmering acetate and silk toss pillow .. the

height of home fashion. New flat shape (2 inches

thick) .. smartly accented with button tufted

center. Soft kapok filling.



State color

cinnamon, American beauty,

Harmony House

Mint green; gold, capri blue.

24 N 1721-Squore obt. 18 in. sq. Wt. 12 oz. Ea. $2.97

24 N 1722-Round obi. 18 in. diom. Wt.


oz. Ea.


Musical Pillow


Wind up .. plays favor–

ite rock and roll tune.

24 N 1732-12 inch.

N ovelty Styles for t ot s and teens

Shpg. wt. 1lb.6 oz. Each $2 .83

Cuddly Pupsand Clowns


Shaggy Dog. Rayon

plush covered,shredded

foam rubber filling. Floppy

ears, rolling eyes.

24 N 1733-About

12 in. Wt. 1 lb. 4 oz. Eo.


[[) Gay Clown. Kapok

filled .. red and white

rayon, acetate cover.

24 N 1735-12xl5in.

high. Wt.


lb. 12 oz. Eo.



Spotty dog on rayon

and acetate pillow.

Kapok filled.

State pillow


pink or blue.

24 N 1734-12 inches.

Wt. 1lb. 5 oz.. .. Each





Zipper-covered Be d Rest with a rms

A gift of solid comfort. Grand for TV watching,

reading, breakfast in bed. Soft, yet strong and

resilient Kapok filling gives firm, uniform support

and is so relaxing. Antique rayon satin cover has

concealed zipper .. is easy to wash. Size about

20x20 inches.

Please qe sure to state Harmony


color Ming blue, Frosty pink; also gold.

24 N01724L-Shipping weight


pounds. Each $1 0.87

Perky Pony .. big enough to sit on!

Soft rayon plush body, colorful cotton tartan

plaid blanket. Felt ears, yarn tail and mane

and eyes that roll! Cellulose fiber filled.

Shipping weight 6 lbs.

24N0194 11-13x14x23 in......... Each