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molds itself to your body!

Without vibrator

With vibrato<

O nly $ 5.00 down o n Special E a sy T erms

large, super-soft pillow


makes lounging a pleosurel

• Extra comfortable .. cushion padded with foam latex over sagless springs

• Padded at every spot you touch .. foam latex in footrest, rubberized hair

in arms, kapok and cotton over sagless springs in pillow back

• Easy to clean .. just wipe cover with a damp cloth to whisk away dirt

• Extra durable cover .. heavy plastic supported with nylon fabric backing

resists scuffs, stains and fading .. looks like quality leather, too

• Available in two styles .. with or without gentle, 3-speed vibrator!


cradles you-pampers you .. in restful comfort. 3-way tilt-leg rises, back

and seat tilt to position desired .. from upright to full reclining. Distributes

body weight evenly. 20x22-inch seat. 37x31,l.2x41 inches high over-all.

Extends to 67 inches .. design means lots of room for 6 footers. Vibrator

model with 3 speeds .. adjusts to the exact amount of soothing motion you

want. Motor 110-volt, 60-cycle AC. Mahogany finished hardwood frame.

Stale color

spice brown, medium green, dark red or desert sand (ivory).

1 N M54930-Recliner with vibrator. Shipping weight 109 pounds........... . .. .


1 N M54929-Recliner without vibrator. Shipping weight 105 pounds ........ . .... 89.95

Bench->tyle Hassocks. Leather–

look plastic cover cleans easily.

Cellulose fiber padded. '/i•-inch

black enameled wrought metal



med. green, red, white.

1 N 042932l- Square. 15x15x13 inches

high. Shipping weight 7 lbs.......


1 N 042933l- Raund. 16-in. diameter, 13

in. high. Shpg. wt.


lbs. ........


Deep-tufted Bench Hassock.Rich–

looking, heavy-gauge leather-look

plastic. Padded with felted cotton

and cotton !inters. Plywood base.

Walnut finish wood legs, brass fer–

rules. 23 ,l.2x16x14,l.2 in. high.



parchment ivory, medium

Capri blue or medium brown.

1 N 042930-Shpg.


17 lbs..

$1 1.95

. . the lounger that gives

you man-sized comfort!

Table-ta p Hassock. Converts to

coffee table. Leather-look plastic.

Black and white table top. Bronzed

tubular steel legs. 18x18x17 in.


State coiier color

white, med.

orange or medium green.

1 N 042906-Shpg. wt. 15 lbs..

$1 3.9


30-inch Round Hassock. Supported plastic. Cot–

ton, plastic foam filled.

State color

medium Capri

blue. canyon orange, white or medium gold.

1 N M42950-14V2 in. high. Shpg. wt. 46 lbs.. ...

$1 5.75

24 -inch Round Hassock (like above).

State color

canyon orange, med. aquamarine, black, white.

1 N M42931 -13V2 in. high. Shpg. wt. 32 lbs.. . ...


NOTE: Round


at right


freight Crail or truck) or express