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"Mory Hodo Little Lomb" Pin-up and Matching Lamp

by Dolly Toy


Pin-up. Mounted on


/is-in. lami–

nated board. 24x22 in. over-all.

21 N 6344-Postpaid. !Wt. 2 lbs.I .. $2.49

NOTE: Lamps for 110-120-volt, 50-

60 cycle AC-DC. Cords included. 1-

way sockets, no bulb unless noted.

lamp. Laminated plastic figures on

plastic base.Double-layer 10-in. paper

parchment shade. Flowers appear


design when lighted. Switch on night

light, lamp or both. 15


in. high.

Carrousel. Composition figures revolve on

plastic base. Swiss movement plays gay

tune. Switch on night light, lamp, or both.

12-in. paper parchment shade. Stars show

when lit. By Dolly Toy Co.

Color TV Musical Night light. Turn

on and gay circus figures move across

screen to tune of Brahms lullaby.

Shatter-resistant plastic.

Stale color


pink or blue. 7x7x97\l in. high.

21 N 2497-Postpaid. !Wt. 4 lbs.l .. $7.98

21 N2490-15V2 in. Postpaid. !Wt. 4 lbs.l.$11.98

21 N2489-Shpg.


2 lbs. 2 oz... $9.67

Pull down front of clock and record

your child's growth in inches. Closed

it's a make-believe clock


light the way to dreamland with their own special lamp


Pony TV Stool.

Natural white pine,

smooth edges. Blue, red

trim. 7x117\lxl6 in. long.

Lets him ride with cow–

boys. Easy to assemble.

21N9512-Wt. 3 lbs. $1.97


Grow-up Clock. Cute

decoration .. educa–

tional. Laminated board.

6x50 in. Ruled lines mark

progress. By Dolly Toy

Co. Ptpd. (Wt. 2 lbs.)

21 N

06595 ......




Praying Girl lamp.

White and pink enam–

eled hardwood base.

10-in. It. pink paper

parchment shade. 15 in.

high. Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.

21 N2498 ....... .


Praying Boy lamp.

Same as girl but blue

and white base, blue

shade. Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.

21 N2499..



21 NT2500-1 each boy

and girl. Wt.


lbs... $9.97

and Accessories

Teach neatness to the "small



Dolly Toy Tidee-ups

Teddy Bear. A little charmer that will

make any child's eyes pop. Fairly invites

them to hang up their clothes. Laminated

board with wood hanger pegs. 187\l in.

wide, 21


in. high. Tie not incl.

Sad-l-Rac. Make a hit with junior cowboys. They'll love

hanging up their clothes on this colorful saddle. Made of

durable laminated board with wood hanger pegs and designed

with all the he-man trappings of the West. 18Y2 in. wide,

217\l in. high. Has 3-dimensional effect.

21 N 06622-Postpaid. !Wt. 4 lbs.) . ... $2.98

21N06621-Shipped postpaid. IShpg. wt. 4 lbs.I ......... .. $2.98

Poodle lamp. White

enameled wood base,

imitation fur trim. 16

in. high. Paper parch–

ment shade. Wt. 2 lbs.

7 oz.


blue or pink.

21N2492... ... . $7.67

Nursery Pulley lamps. Softly

lighted hand-painted faces

keep baby amused. Pull up

or down. Heat-and break–

resistant, styrene.


Clown Pulley.Rayonand

yarn trim. 11


in. high.

21N2494-Wt.3 lbs.3oz. $8.97

Matching Table Lamp.

21N2496- Wt.2 lbs. 3 oz.



Daisy Pulley. Light


in. high. Natural straw

hat, yellow yarn hair.

21 N 2493-Wt. 3 lbs.. . $8.97

Matching Table lamp.

21 N 2495-Wt. 2 lbs...



Balloon lamp. Inspires

dreams. 9-in. plastic

shade and base. Lami·

nated plastic figures.

18 in. high. By Dolly

Toy. (Wt. 4 lbs.)

21N2491 - Postpoid $9.98