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15-piece Punch Set. Beautifully designed

pressed glass. Large 11-quart bowl, 21-inch

plate, 12 cups and ladle. A holiday must, for those

gay, festive gatherings of family and friends.

21N09254l- Shpg. wt. 34 lbs...... . . . ..Set


21 N 9606- 12 cups only. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs..


(]] 17-pc. Bar Set. 2-qt. plastic ice bucket, char-

coal color, brass-plated trim. 8 assorted-color

plastic glasses (10-oz.) and 8 stirrers. Insulated.

21 N9530- 17-pc. Set. Wt.


lbs. 4 oz..... .. . . .


21 N 9528- lce Bucket only. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz. . . 4.67

21N9529- Glasses, stirrers. Shpg. wt.


lbs. 12 oz. 4.67




8-piece Martini Set. Gay as the holiday season with

its large 70-oz. gleaming glass pitcher and six 3-oz.

cocktail glasses, stir rod. Beautifully decorated with

a graceful, screened gold-color wheat design.

21 N 9509-Shipping weight 4 pounds . . .. .. .. Set


An Open Door..


15-piece Punch Set.Truly smart, modern break-

resistant plastic set. Gracefully shaped 6).-2-qt.

punch bowl, 18x14-in. oval tray. 12 punch cups

(4-oz.) and matching ladle. Handsome gold-color

flecked. For you . . or your favorite host or hostess.




pounds. . .....Set



10-pc. Gold Dust Bar" Set. Brass-plated rack,

carrying handle. 8 highball glasses (12-oz.), 3-

qt. double-wall insulated plastic ice bucket. Gold–

color trim. Fluted lid, pronged brass-plated finial.

13x12).-2 inches high over-all.

Aluminum Ice Bucket. An outstanding useful and

decorative import from Italy. Giant size .. 11-in.

diameter, 14 in. high. Popular hammered design

with easy-to-carry bale handle. Fiber glass insulated

.. ice cubes last for hours. For the No. 1 man on

your shopping list.

21N9597-Shipping weight


lbs. 8 oz.... .. .Set


21 N9551 - Shipping weight


lbs. 4 oz.. .. . . . . . . .



His and Hers 5-pc. Martini

Set. Intimate charm in the

gold-color decorated 16-oz. glass

mixing pitcher and two 4-oz.

cocktail glasses with gold-color,

ball-tipped metal stir rod. Gold–

color plated metal caddy.

21 N9607-Shpg. wt.


lbs. 8 oz.



9-piece lily Bud Martini Set.

32-oz. glass pitcher with

turquoise and gold-color deco–

ration. 6 suburban-shape 4-oz.

cocktail glasses to match. Glass

stirrer. Brass-plated metal rack

with side handle.

21N°9571- Wt. 5 lbs.. .....



Hi-Jacs and Whistle Set.

Whistle for a drink. 8 cotton

knit Hi-Jacs and 8 swizzle

whistles have makings of gay

party. Absorb excess moisture,

comfortable to hold. Fit most

glasses. No glasses included.

21 N 9459- Wt. 8 oz.......



Keg Set. Novel, ever popular.

Handy spigot. A unique

decoration. Stoneware keg, 6

glasses on brown wood frame.

10%: inches wide. You'll want

one for yourself, more for gift

giving this Christmas.

21 N9021 - Wt. 4 lbs. 12 oz.



7-pc. Aluminum Beverage

Set. A fine Italian import.

2-quart water pitcher with ice

guard, six 12-oz. matching

tumblers. Charminghammered

design, gracefully shaped. An

excellent gift.

21 N 9552- Wt.


lb. 8 oz.



Hibachi Stove. For table-

top Bar-B-Ques, hot hors

d'oeuvres. Cast iron with re–

movable grill. Wood base and

handles. 100 bamboo skewers

included, also instructions.

From Japan. 5).-2x5 in. high.



9568- Wt.


lbs.. . . .