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5-sided Tent for indoors or out

Wood center pole. Sets up indoors with suction

cups. outdoors with steel wire stakes. Cotton

sheeting (not water-repellent). Indian painted on

2 sides. Awning ties to 2 wood poles. 4 It. high at

peak. 3)4 ft. per side. 6-ft. diameter overall.


N 07745-Yellow color. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.......


"Quiet Wheels"



rubber cushions

Our Best Sidewalk Skates roll

faster and quieter

Jet-age styling, plus extra-quiet performance!

·wheel design features neoprene rubber cush–

ions to hush wheel sound. Swept-fin tow

clamps add sleek look, clasp shoe securely.

Each wheel boa•ts 16 double-row ball bearings

for smooth ride.

Hardened steel rims make turns easier.

i:ive long wear. Comfortable sponge nibber

ankle pad eliminates chafing. Adjustable

leather ankle strap, metal buckle. Flanged–

side footplates. Bright-plated steel frame ad–

justs 3 in., from 8 to 11 -in. length. Skate key.

6 N 2364-Shipping weight 6 lbs...... . .... $6.1 9



Tents .. · /,, ,

take children


Make-believe Land

Davy Crockett Tent

Roomy umbrella tent for the

"wild frontier." High-count cot–

' ton tent sheeting forms top and

sides (not water-repellent). Davy

Crockett figures on 2 sides. Wire

frame fastens inside eaves. Joint-

ed wood center pole. Awning ti"6

to 2 wood awning poles or over

door. Steel wire stakes. ropes.

7x7-ft. base size. 2)4x2)4-ft.

eave size. 5-ft. center height, 3 ft.


in. high at eave. Shpg. wt. 7lbs.


N 07753-Desert ton color



N 07743-Red color. . . . . . 8.37

Roomy Umbrella Model

Styled to look like adult tent

High-count cotton tent sheeting

in popular light-green color (not

water-repellent). Sturdy wood

center pole jointed with metal

sleeve for handling ease. Wire

frame ties inside eave corners.

Wide awning ties to 2 wood awn–

ing poles for sun-shade .. or over

door for privacy. Wire stakes,

ropes. Roomy 7x7-ft. base size.

2Y:ix2)4-ft. eave size. 5-ft. center





in. high at eave.

6 N 07758-Shpg.


9 lbs. .


A Circus indoors or out $2.97

5-sided tepee sets up indoors with

suction cups, outdoors with steel wire

stakes. Natural cotton sheeting (not

water-repellent). 4-colordesigns. Wood

center pole.


ft. high. 3 ft. per side.


N 07769-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.......



C. Higgins Roller Skates mean active fun


Rubber-wheel Model. Non-marking rubber-

quiet, fast-rolling. Each wheel has 16 double-row

ball bearings. Eye-catching -red dust caps. Shaped toe

clamps. Sponge rubber ankle pad for comfort. Leather

strap, metal buckle. Flanged-side footplates. Plated

steel frame adjusts 2%' in., from 8 to 10%'-in. length.

6 N 2363- Key included. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz.. . . . . ..



Thrift-buy. Long-wearing steel wheels, each has 8

smooth-rolling ball bearings. Leather strap, metal

buckle. Toe clamps. Flanged-side footplates. Plated

steel frame adjusts 2)4 in., from 7 to 9)4-in. length.


N 2303-Key included. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs..... ...... .



Heavy-duty Model. Rugged 500-mile steel wheels ..

durability proved in grueling laboratory tests !

Each wheel has 16 smooth-rolling ball bearings. Red

dust caps. Shaped toe clamps. Sponge rubber ankle pad.

Leather strap, metal buckle. Flanged-side footplates.

Plated steel frame adjusts 2%' in., from 8 to 10%' in.

6 N 2301 -Key included. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs............ .



Beginners. Won't build up high speed. Safer for

youngsters to age 7. Steel wheels, leather toe strap

laces securely. Leather ankle strap, metal buckle. Frame

adjusts l;li in., from 6)4 to 8)4-in. length.


N 2361 -Needs no key. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.. . .

. .







Build your order to $20 or


and buy on Sears Easy Terms.


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