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3-piece Little League Baseball

Outfit • • bat, ball and glove

Sav. $1 .00




For ages 9 to

12. Full'Size


C. Higgins glove .. designed

for Little Leaguers. Top grain cowhide. Fully

lined. Laced-down palm. Streamlined fingers,

leather laced heel, 1-pc. trap. Wear on left

hand. Official Little League



horsehide cover, cushion cork center. Official

Little League Bat of seasoned ash.

6 N 01734- 0utfit. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs........



6 N 1624- Glove only. Wt. 1lb. 6 oz...... 7.33

6 N 1600-S011 only. Shpg. wt. 8 oz.. . . . . . . 1.47

6 N 01719--llot only. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs....... 2.17

Whip Action Hinge, improved padding

give instant-touch control

Deep scoop pocket. Made of specially selected

top grain cowhide. Improved thumb and little

finger design. Fully welted streamlined fingers

.. rawhide laced. Fully leather lined. Triple–

tie trap. 1-pc. palm and thumb construction

gives longer reach. Wear on left hand.


N 1656-Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz.. . •..... . .


Faster Snap Action control . •

flexes glove without effort

Endorsed and autographed by Al Kaline.

Made of finest, select quality, top grain cow–

hide. Fully leather lined. Streamlined fingers,

laced tips. 1-pc. trap anchored to palm. Ad–

justable wrist strap. Wear on left hand.


N 1638-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 12 oz. . ........


Badminton .. fun for the whole family

A convenient combination .. steel 4-racket

set with handy carrier stand


Tops in fun for friends or family. Racket shafts are

chrome-plated for a gleaming finish. Sturdy steel adds

to power of drives, resilient nylon strings give lightning–

fast returns. Two-tone rubber grips add hours-long hand

comfort. Built-in thumb-screw presses keep racket heads in

shape. 3-piece lockfast metal poles. Sturdy ropes. 20x2-ft.

tarred weather-resistant net. 3 shuttle cocks. Rulebook

with instructions.


N 01 349-Shipping weight 9 pounds. Was





97 on Aluminum 4-racket Set


Was $Z1.94 .. Now $18.97.

All-aluminum racket shaft

and heads .. sturdy for greater driving power, light–

weight for better control. Nylon strung, countersunk in

frame. Maroon spiral-wound genuine leather grip, blue and

white trim. Sturdy metal carrier stand holds the entire

outfit. 3 shuttlecocks, 3-pc. lockfast metal poles. Sturdy

ropes, 20x2-ft. weather resistant net. Rulebook.


N 0 1344-Shipping weight 8 pounds. .. .

. ...


[] Wood 4-rocket Set with doub le rocket presses.Presses

keep rackets in top shape for longer life, better play.

Strong laminated wood rackets have multi-laminated

frames for added power. Waterproof nylon strings. Com–

fortable rubber grip, 2 plastic shuttlecocks. Shrink–

resistant 20x2-ft. bound net. 3-pc. metal poles, stakes,

ropes. Rulebook included.


N 0 1347-Shipping weight 6 pounds ............. . ....



4 -racket Set of a sh with pla stic ca rry-a ll case. Entire

set fits into durable plastic case. Laminated rackets have

2-tone nylon strings, rubber grip. 20x172-ft. net, 3-pc.

poles, ropes, stakes, toggles. 2 shuttlecocks.


N 01351-Rulebook included. Shipping weight





2-racket. Set. Laminated .wood rackets from Japan,

nylon stnngs, countersunk m frame. Rubber sleeve grip.

2-tone bindings. 2 plastic shuttlecocks. 20xl 72-ft. net.

6N01319-Stokes, 3-pc. wood poles, rope, rulebook. Wt. 6 lbs