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Game Room Fun for all

Pro-type pins, balls

Sharpen your skill, improve your

performance .. in your own home.

Ten 13-inch rock maple pins are

of the same lumber and finish as

regulation pins, and measure a

scant 2 inches shorter. Bowl down

a 16x2-foot woodgrain linoleum

alley, with two



size balls of molded dura-wear

rubber with finger boles. Throw

hooks, score strikes and spares

without worry about flying pins ..

they're contained by a strong rein–

forced backstop. With scorepads

and instructions.

6 N 02568l-Shipping weight

39 pounds... . .. .. ...... Set


It's a strike! .. healthful, exciting •. set


Teach the entire family how to bowl with this thrill-packed

bowling game. Set includes ten hard rock maple bowling pins.

Big 12-inch size. Bright white enamel finish with smart red

collar stripes. Felt-base linoleum spotter mat. Pins sit on pin

spots marked on 24x24-inch wood-grained linoleum surface.



Masonite Presdwood sides and sturdy steel rod

hack to help contain pins. Two 4-inch natural grain finish

bard rock maple balls. Pad of score sheets. Instructions.

6 N 02567K-Shipping weight 23 pounds.•...............Set


ShufHeboard .. the game for all ages


Polyethylene Ball and Pins





diameter black ball has 3-fingergrip

Ten white pins with red stripes .. look just like

the real thing, provide lively action

Rugged ball and pins won't chip, crack or peel. Ball

rolls smoothly-throw a straight ball or make it

hook! Lightweight for easy handling by future

bowling champions.

Pins are weighted in proportion to ball for cor–

rect pin action .. make strikes and spares just like

on a real bowling alley. Polyethylene pin spotter

for professional placement of pins.

Sturdy backstop constructed of steel tubing, bars

and cotton net .. contains the pins. Easy to set up.

Score pad and instructions included.

6 N 02547- Shpg. wt. 10 lbs.. ... .... . ... ..Set


Large 14x3-foot linoleum court


Plenty of room, plenty of fun! Pleasure-packed for picnics, base–

ment parties, church socials. Set it up anywhere, indoors or out.

Space-saving linoleum court rolls up for easy storage, lies flat for

play. Easy-to-read scoring area stenciled on each end. Felt back–

ing protects floors .. won't scratch or mar.

Set includes eight big



disks . .

four black and

four red. Four 50-inch wood pushers. Full instructions are in–

cluded. Buy now in time for Christmas.

Space-saving 12x2-foot court


Exciting shuffleboard game. Ideal for game-room parties,

family fun, etc. Felt-backed linoleum court rolls up for

easy carrying, convenient storage. Slick finish helps bright–

colored disks slide to stenciled scoring area. Resists wear–

easy to clean. Includes eight 3


molded disks .. four

red, four black. Four 50-inch wood pushers.

6 N 02622- Shpg.


12 lbs. Instructions...... .• •. • ......





6 N 02623- Shipping weight 19 pounds.... .. .... . . . •.. _.• .. •. . $1


Build your order to $20 or more .•


down on Easy Terms