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Reward your scout with

2-woy ventilation

Our Best Pup Tent! Tough 8.5-ounce army duck top

Inverted "V" wood frame at front

eliminates center pole. Nylon-screen

door zips down center, snaps to riser.

Storm flap zips. Nylon-screen rear

window has outside-tie flap. 4 guy

ropes join steel D-rings set in 2-ply

webbing. Rope beckets in metal D–

rings. Ropes, wood stakes. Jointed

wood rear center pole. 7 ft. long. 6 ft.

wide. 4 ft. high. Water-repellent, mil–

dew-retardent 7.68--0unce drill top,

7.5--0z. duck floor. Forest green color.

6 N onsll-Sleeps 2. Wt. 23 lbs. . $21.94

Two-way ventilation captures cooling breezes! Nylon-screen rear window, plus

nylon-screen front door. Door sewn to riser across one half, zips down center

and across other half. Door flap zips from inside or out. Exclusive chemical

water-repellency: lightweight for carrying ease, dry and won't rub off.

Inverted "V" wood frame at front eliminates center pole. Jointed wood rear

center pole. Rope beckets set in metal D-rings. 4 guy ropes join steel D-rings

set in 2-ply cotton webbing. Mildew-retardent. 7.5--0unce duck floor. Ropes

and wood stakes. Blue spruce color.

6 NOnl ll-Sleeps 2 7


long. 6 ft. wide. 4 ft. high. Shpg.


20 lbs. . .. . .. . ...$26.94

Patrol-siz:e Cook Set.


set for 8. Canvas dufile bag

holds complete outfit. Stain–

less steel utensils: 8 knives, 8

forks, 8 spoons. 8 plastic

cups. Others aluminum: 8

plates, 9-in. fry pan, 10-in.

fry pan, 10-qt. pail, 4-qt.

stew pot, 10-cup coffee pot.

6 N 7194-Wt. 12 lbs.. .$18.93

Compact Accessories •• more fun for scout-age campers

4-man Cook Set. Aluminum

9-in. fry pan, 6-cup coffee

.pot, 5-qt. stew pot, and 4

plates. 4 handy cups. Set

nests inside 7-qt. water pail.

6 N 7192-Wt. 6 lbs.....$7.74

6 N 7292-6-man Cook Set.


above, plus 2 extra cups, 2 extra

plates. 7!.4 .in.


pan, 3-qt. pot.

Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.......... .. $9.64





Canteen, Mess Kit.

Aluminum. 1-qt. can–

teen. Screw-top, button--0n

cover (imported from Ja–

pan), 7-in. frying pan. 1-

qt. pot with lid. Cup. Sauce

pan doubles as plate.

6 N 7105-Wt. 2 lbs.. .$2.97


Mess Kit. Aluminum-

air dries, won't rust.

1-qt. pot with bail handle

and lid. Cup. Sauce pan

doubles as plate. 7-in. fry–

ing pan, handle folds to

join kit into a single unit.

From Japan.

6N7195-Wt.1 lb.4oz.$ l .94


Canteen. Aluminum

-takes roughest use,

won't rust. Screw--0n cap

chained to 1-qt. canteen.

Button-on khaki drill

cover, adjustable shoul–

der strap. From Japan.

6 N 7193-Wt. 1 lb.. $1.84


Red Comet lantern

and 1-pint odorless

fuel Approved by Boy

Scouts of America. 4 CP

for 15 hrs. on l tank ker–

osene. Goes out






l~lbs. act. wt. Steel frame.

6 N 7103-Wt.3 lbs.. $2.97


Knapsack. Water-re-

pellent duck. Olive

drab. 15x13x5-in. case

with outside pocket. Ad–

j ustable straps. 10%

Fed. Excise Tax incl.

6 N 7298E-Shipping

weight 1 lb. 8 oz..... $3.47

[]) Haversack. Water-

rep ell en t du ck.


Khaki. 2

outside pockets. Side

rings for extra gear. Ad–

justable web straps. 10%

Fed. Exe. Tax incl.

6 N 7288E-Shipping

weight 1 lb. 10 oz.... $6.44

Fabric floor, screen door

Nylon-screen door snaps down center,

across bottom to 4-in. riser. Storm flap

ties. Guy lines from front, rear peaks.

Stake beckets inserted through metal

D-rings set


2-ply webbing sewn to

tent. Jointed wood center pole at


front, rear.


length plus


triangular rear extension. 3


ft. cen–

ter height. 5-ft. wide. Ropes, wood

stakes. 6.74--0unce drill top. 5.61-oz.

drill floor. Water-repellent treated.

Forest green color.

6 N on35-Sleeps 2 Wt. 13 lbs .. $14.74

Air Mattresses add comfort


Five-tube embossed vinyl plastic.


Beam construction at this low price!

I-Beam actually joins tubes top to bottom,

forms sidewall for each tube,


in ridges

for level surface. 27x72-in. flat size, 23x72-

in. inflated. Fits air-mattress pocket


J. C.


sleeping bag.-Olive dra .

6 N 7260-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz.. . . . . ... $3. 4


Five-tube rubberized fabric. I-Be

construction, plus heavy-duty rubb -

impregnated woven fabric. Popular fab ic

"feel," yet water-repellent because rub r

is "in" the fabric! Snap fasteners on si e:

buy two mattresses, snap together to fo

double. Metal lock-type valve. Roo

32x80-in. fiat size, 28x78-inches inflat

6 N 7230-Red plaid. .Shpg. wt. 6 lbs..... $9.