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Climbing V-Ladder Gym Set with 8-foot Slide

Set has two ladders, each with 4 rungs ... plenty of play opportunities for children

who love to climb. Ladder uprights are 1X(-inch diameter tubular steel. Galvan–

ized steelslide has 8 foot long sliding surface, 13 inches wide. Slide also has protec–



tubinit side rails and a space platform on top, with tubular steel safety

rails. Two swings with non-tilt metal seats have galvanized steel chains tested to

hold up to 750 pounds. Nylon-bearing chain hangers for smooth riding. Glide-Ride

seats always remain level with the ground ... a favorite with tots. Adjustable

trapeze bar, a set of gym rings and a chinning bar to keep young muscle-men active.

Legs are 7 feet 3 inches long. Headbar is 2-inch diameter tubular steel . . . 7 feet

3 inches long.

79 N MT7242-Shipping weight 112 pounds.. •.. • ........ .•. •.... ... ..•. . ..... . ...


Ordef"foday on Easy Terms

. ..

only 10% down

. . .

you have

months to pay the balance. For details, see page 294

Double-slide Gym Set. Set offers two big slides

in one-16 feet of sliding surface, 13 inches

wide. Lets two children slide at the same time,

there's room for two more on the 4-foot space

platform on top. Tubular steel guard rails on

space platform protect children.

Glide-Ride makes an ideal ride for the yow1g–

er children-seats always stay level with the

ground; two swings with non-tilt seats on gal–

vanized steel chains tested to hold up to 750

pounds; nylon bearing swing hangers give a

smooth, quiet ride; set of gym rings; trapeze

bar. Strong frame of 2-inch diameter tubular

steel, resists rust. Legs 7 feet long overall; head

bar 7 feet long. Easy to assemble. Shipped

freight (rail or truck) or express.


N MT7249-Shpg.





Our Low-priced Gym Set with 5-foot Slide

Glide-Ride seats stay level with the ground. Two swings with non-tilt seats,

galvanized steel chains tested to hold up to 750 pounds. Nylon bearing

chain hangers. Two chinning bars. 5-foot galvanized steel slide has 11


inch wide rust-resistant surface; I Yz-inch


tubing rails cover edges of

the surface. Three rW>gs. 3 ft. 6 in. to top of sliding surface. lYz-inch tubu–

lar steel legs, 6 ft. 6 in. long. Top bar 6 ft. 6 in. long. Bright baked-on

enamel finish. Shipped freight (rail or truck) or express.

79 N MT7 163-Gym set with slide. Shipping weight


pounds.. .. ...... ... .$1 9 .95


N M71 64- Gym set without slide. Shipping weight 49 pounds•.. •.•. •...•.• 14.95

SHIPPING NOTICE: All items on this page shipped freight (rail• or truck)