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Compact TOWER 3 5 mm

Has many high-priced features at low cost. Sharp

45mm, f:3.5 lens. Rapid advance lever cocks shutter,

winds film, prevents double exposure. Optical eye-level

viewfinder. Shutter speeds 1/25 to 1/ 300 second. Syn–

chronized for flash. Depth of field scale plus film memory

dial. Made in Japan . . metal body, leatherette cover.

Takes color and black and white.

3 N 55-Comero only. Shipping wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.. ........$17.95

3 N 8639- leother Cose lor above. Shpg. wt. 1 lb... .... 2.75

3 N 61 9 1- 3-piece Outfit. Camera, case and B-C flash unit.

Shipping weight 3 pounds...... . ... .. . .. ............ 22.50


s35 . .

Kodak Signet




Was $69.97.

Outstanding 35mm camera specially gift–

priced. Designed to make picture ta.king easy and fun.

Combined rangefinder-viewfinder keeps subjects in

sharp focus .. focuses down to 2 ft. Film advance lever

cocks shutter, prevents--double exposure. Color-marked

average settings for various light conditions. Drop-in,

no-thread film loading. Automatic


advance release

and handy crank rewind.

F:3.5 lens, lumenized and color corrected .. range to

f:22. 8 shutter speeds-1/5 to 1/400 second-plus bulb.

Shutter synchronized for all light sources-electronic and

regular flash. Built-in adapter ring. Depth of field scale,

too. All-metal body. For color, black and white.

3 N 6104-Flosholder included. Shpg.


3 lbs.......... .. $34.95

3 N 8399-leother Cose for above. Shpg.


1 lb.. ... . . . . 4.95


the holidays with pictures

Super-spe e d 35mm

Take shots even in dim light!

Easy to focus-rangefinder-view–

finder with Golden Frame shows

exact picture you'll get. Fast

f:2.8 lens. 9 shutter speeds-1 to

1/500 second-plus bulb. Syn–

chronized for flash. electronic

flash. Rapid film advance winds

film, cocks shutter, prevents

double exposure. From Japan.

For color, black and white.

Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.

3 N 07409-$5

dn., $5 mo..$58.95

3 N 010-Comero above with


exposure meter


just read, set, aim,

shoot. Wt. 3 lbs.

$5 dn., $5


Accessories for both cameras:

3 N 8362-Case. Wt. I lb.....


3 N 8706-Flash. Wt. 8 oz.. . . .


Kodachrome 3 5mm Film with Prepaid Processing

Just shoot film, put in mailer bag and drop in nearest mailbox . . saves

you time and money when you buy film and processing together. Expo–

sure index: daylight 10; tungsten (indoor) 16. Shpg. wt. each 3 oz.

3 N 7094-20 exp. Daylight type. $3.19

3 N 7062-20 exp. Indoor type. $3.19

3 N 7095-36 exp. Daylight type. 4.99

3 N 6778-36 exp. Indoor type. 4.99


Pola roid l and Camera Outfit


Complete outfit consists of model


camera, light meter, corduroy

lined compartment case (holds

camera, accessories), flash gun and

battery, 12 M-2 flash bulbs, roll of

film and album for 90 prints.

Compact camera (4x772



in pocket or purse. Extra-easy to

sight with "telescope" viewfinder.

Lens, shutter adjustment combined

in one easy reading dial. Coated,

3-element lens for excellent prints.

Built-in flash contacts-no wires to

connect. Ma.kes large, wallet-size

prints ..


in. Handsome 2-

toned gray with chrome-plated ac–

cents. Metal and plastic body.

3 N 09739-Complete outfit.

Shpg. wt. 13 lbs.

$5 dn., $5

mo... .



3 N 09738-Comera above with case and

flash unit only. Shipping weight 8 lbs. Just





3 N 6749- Extra·fast Polaroid Film Type 32.

lnde>0 200. Wt. eo. 4 oz. $1.46; 4 for $5.67


"150" Monual Slide Projector. Brilliant screen


lumination equal to most 300-watt projectors, using 150-watt,

high intensity Tm-Focus lamp. Takes all 35mm slides-those

from 127 film, too! Virtually jamproof changer holds 36 slides

unmounted. High quality optical system gives you extra-sharp

pictures. Self-contained case. Die-cast aluminum.

3 N 9824- 110-120-vo!t, 60-cycle AC-DC. ohpg. wt. 7 lbs.. . Only $19.95

3 N 8716- Extro 1.50-wott Lamp for projector. Shpg. wt. 12 oz. .... . 2.25

For automatic projectors,

screens, more cameras