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Exciting Stereo-relief .. you can


the mountains

[] Our Finest 12-inch Globe. Actual raised map sur–

face shows mountains and valleys ... you not only

see, but actually feel the earth's contours!

New GYRO-Mount

allows globe to spin, also swing

back and forth to bring "down under" places instantly

into view.

Exclusive Danish-modem base.

Walnut-finished wood

post, leg tips with brass-finished arms for a distinctive


Table model globe has thousands of place-name

identifications, completely up to date! Shpg. wt. 6 lhs.

3 N 04435-2 books, distance finder, magnifying gloss, .



Floor Model Globe. As above but

. high.

3 N 0400-With 2 books above. Shpg. wt. 9 lbs... 1


Big 16-inch equal wall map

area of over

5 Y2

sq. ft.


Here's the big library-size globe

you've always wanted .. twice the

area of a 12-inch size .. over 50 inches

around. Greatly detailed in large,

easy-to-read type.

37)1 inches high, has Danish-mod–

ern floor stand and Gyro-Mount

which brings every spot on the globe

quickly into view. Thousands of place

name identifications. With "Story of

Earth Satellites" and 96-page " See

the World on a Globe" book.

3 N 0402-Shpg. wt. 14 lbs....... .



16-inch Tobie Model Globe. As

above, but on Danish-modem

table stand. With 2 books above.

3 N 0401-Shpg. wt. 12 lbs.. .. ....


12-inch "Starlight'' Globe


Vividly colored land areas con-

trast with deep blue-black oceans.

. . . strikingly beautiful! Sparkling

Chrome-plated base in new open–

spoke design. Gyro-Mount. Degree–

marked meridian. 2 globe books.

3 N 0403-Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.........


Economy Globe .. Atlas

Low-priced 10-in. Globe (not shown).

Brass-finished Gyro-Mount and open

spoked base. Blue, not "Starlight."

3 N 404-2 globe books. Wt. 4 lbs..



Sears Family Atlas. Up-to-date

380 pages with detailed maps,

U.S. index, geographies, gazetteers,

histories, etc. Big 12)1x9% in.

3 N 5455- Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 12 oz...


Order early, pay later on Sears Revolving Charge Plan


see page 295


Our Best Cork Bulletin Boards. Ano-

dized aluminum frames .. for memos,

photos. Fiberboard backing. With hangers.

3 N 04775- 18x24 in. Shpg. wt. 5 lbs......


3 N M4776-24x36 in. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs..... 4.98

3 N M4777-36x48 in. Shpg. wt. 13 lbs.... 8.95


Green Chalkboards. 1-piece anodized

aluminum frame. Tray, eraser, chalk.

3 N 04947-18x24 in. Shpg. wt. 5 lbs.. . ...


3 N M4948-24x36 in. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs..... . 4.17

3 N M4949- 36x48 in. Shpg. wt. 19 lbs..... 7.67


" M"

items (as

3 N M4716}

sent freight (rail






Compact Steel File Cabinet helps organize home rec–

ord keeping. Six 10xl 1Ux3-in. drawers. Large, letter–

size file with A-Z folders, top locking lid.

3 N 0891 K- 12!1, xi Ox30 in. Stole beige or green. Wt. 25 lbs.




Sharpener-Stapler Gift Combination. Attractive

double cutter sharpener mounts anywhere .. screws

incl. All-steel pocket-size stapler opens wide for tacking.

3 N 892-1000 staples incl. Gift box. Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz..



12 Personalized Pencils and Kit. Name printed in

gold. Includes comb, ruler, eraser, protractor, etc.

Order before Dec. 10.



(max. 18 letters).

3 N 656MF- No C.0.D.'s. Postpaid from N.Y. IWI. 9 oz.I ..



Fine Quality Pencil Case with pencils, paints, etc.

3 N 4822- 11 V>X6x2Y. in. Shpg. wl. 2 lbs...... . Outfit