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more designs, more assortments than ever before

Velvet 'N Gold Assortment .. 30 for


Religious Assortment with Scriptural text . . 30 for 86c

Our Finest Assortment. With rich backgrounds of velvety flocking-soft to the

touch and an elegant addition to your Christmas greetings. Plus gleaming gold–

color glitter-gives a festive richness to the beautiful designs.

You get 30 cards- 10 each of 3 exclusive designs .. created especially for this

assortment. And they're in slim-style-a slender 3)1lx8 inches.

30 cards that take a look at the serious side of our Christmas holiday. 10 differ–

ent embossed designs featuring such traditional subjects as shepherds, scenes of

worship, angels. Wise Men, Madonna and Child, etc. All with tasteful gold–

color accents. Inside each card you will find a beautifully written verse accom–

panied by a selected Bible passage mirroring the true spirt of Christmas.

All cards 4-fold. Envelopes included. Shpg. wt. per box I lb. 8 oz.

All cards 4-fold. Size-4Ysx6% in. With envelopes. Shpg. wt. per box 1 lb.

3 N 5666- 30 Cords in box .......


2 boxes, 60 Cords......... . .....


3 N 5672- 30 Cords in box........


2 boxes, 60 Cords ........ . .....


Contemporary Assortment .. 12 for


Those wonderfully wacky cards for the young in heart ..

now adapted for the Christmas season.


Sears super

assortment they're offered at an amazing low price for

this type of card .. less than 16c each. Humorous de–

signs . . all different. For in.stance the happy fellow

above who says "Only Peasants" . . the inside message

reads "Send Presents." All cards 2-fold. Size 3)1x9)4 in.

Envelopes included. Shpg. wt. per box I lb.

3 N 5670-12 Cords in box.


.89 2 boxes, 24 Cords. $3 .39

Winter Scene Assortme nt . . 25 for


The beauty of the countryside at Christmas time

forms the theme for this lovely assortment. You 'll see

rolling snow-covered hills. white-branched pine forests,

icy bubbling brooks and horse-drawn sleighs.

The soft shaded tones of the snow are accented and

bordered by rich-looking silver-color glitter.

You get 25 cards in 16 different designs. All cards



in. With envelopes. Wt. per box I lb.

3 N 5657- 25 Cords in box .

79c 2

boxes, 50 Cords.


Youngsters' Delight . . 24 for 69c

Christmas thoughts just for little children. 10

different die-cut designs including such lova–

ble creations as smiling snowmen, little

angels, a wee caroler. a bow bedecked puppy,

Santas, etc. Each card has a gay greeting that

says "Merry Christmas" the way children

want it said. 24 cards .. all 2-fold. Size



in. With envelopes. Wt. per box 1 lb.

3 N 5658- 24 Cords.


2 boxes, 48 Cords. $ 1.22

For disfinctive personalized TOWER Chrisfmas Cards, see next two pages


and look at all the


all-of-one-kind designs


our best ever!