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Learn Through Play Sets

Help prepare youngster.; for school

.. and give hours of fun as they

learn. All 128 pages ..


in. Color illust. Paperbound.

Reading Set.

Teach Me to Read–

children can learn 250 words . .

lessons presented as games. Plus

Read-Alone Stories-gives


more words. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.

3 N 1513-2-book Set.... . ... $1.69

Teach Me Numbers and It's Fun to

Learn. Puzzles and games show

how to count, add, subtract, mul–

tiply, divide-teaches letters, tell

time, etc. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.

3 N 1514-2·book Set•. ....... $1.69

Beginner Books

Delightful stories for beginning

readers. Uniquely prepared with

minimum vocabulary so that even

starting readers can read every

word by themselves. 6x8 inch. 2-

color illustrations. Hard cover.;.

3 N 1540-The Cot in the Hot


the famous Dr. Seuss)

3 N 1541-The Cot in the Hot Comes

Bock lby Dr. Seuss!

3 N 1542-A Fly Went By

3 N 1543-The Big Jump and Other


3 N 1544--A Big Boll of String

3 N 1545-Som and the Fire Fly

3 N 1546-You Will Go


The Moon

3 N 1547-Billy and the Cowboys

3 N 1548-A Boll Went By



ea. 1 lb. Ea.. $1.77; 2 for


My Easy to Read True Books

Teach youngsters about the world we live in.

Vocabulary graded for beginning readers . . these

books are used in many libraries and schools

throughout the country to introduce children to

science and nature. Hard covers, illust. Ea. 48 pgs.


in. each.

State catalog and title number.

(1) Insects

(6) Moon, Sun and Stars

(2) Reptiles

(7) Dinosaurs

(3) Animal Babies

(8) Birds We Know

(4) Policemen and

(9) Animals of Sea and



(5) Cowboys

(10) Time

3 N 1588-Shpg.


each 8 oz... Each 94c


2 for $1.77




Activities and Books to while away hours

Stories, puzzles, cploring


games, cutouts, paper dolls


Barn Full of Books. 25-piece assortment.


cludes twenty


}(-in. activity books .. Let's

Color, Connect the Dots and Color, Pencil Games,

Puzzles to Do, Paint Time and 15 others.

Two pictures that you can color, wipe off and

color again.


paint palette, 6 paints, brush, 4

crayons, 3-in. metal scissors.


sturdy barn-shaped


3 N 1500-All book. above 20 pgs. Shpg.


1 lb.




Play Chest Activity Set. Better 31-piece set to

occupy busy little hands and minds.

With three 8xl 1-in. books .. Magic Coloring

Book and Paint With Water (just brush ou water

and color magically! appears) and Things to Do

For Children. E..i:tra-large 8x12


dean-slate ..

write on slate and then erase by lifting magic


on the top. "Clickity Clackity"


board game.

Two Jack and Jill wipe-off cards. Plus 20 books

above, one lead pencil, 8 crayons, paint palette, 6

paints, brush, 3-in. metal safety scissors. In colorful

play chest box



3 N 1501-All books above 20 pgs. Shpg.


2 lbs.


oz. $1.97


Super Fun Maker. Our best set .. 43 better

pieces .. more to do .. more to delight young–

sters on Christmas morning and mornings after.

Includes these standout pieces-"Paint by Num–

ber" pack with palette and brush .. shows Jack

and Jill tumbling downhill. Large jigsaw puzzle of

toy stuffed dogs. 2 circus boards .. punch out mem–

ber.; of the circus and stand up.

Change-o-Board .. punch out various animal

heads and put them on different animal bodies.



Shopping" spinner game. 4 sewing cards

.. 2-sided punch-outs that you sew together with

yarn provided.

Four wipe-off cards with powder puff for erasing.



activity books .. 2 follow the dots ..

2 wet a brush .. 2 tracing books.


addition you get twenty


books . .

Playtime Coloring Book, Alphabet Scramble,

Games and Puzzles, Things to Make and 16 others.

Plus 16 crayons .. paint palette with 6 paints,

brush and pan . . 3-in. metal scissors.



llx15x2}(-in. carrying box for storing or toting.

3N1502-All books hove 20 pgs. Shpg.


3 lbs. 8 oz..$2.97

Thrill and enchant your youngsters with Little Golden



Carefully selected to suit the tastes and abilities of

young readers. Delightful tales .. many featuring

character.; that children know and love. Even


your child isn't an enthusiastic reader he'll appreci–

ate the wonderful picture stories in these books.

Each 24 pages with 24 color illust.




Nursery and Bedtime Assortment. Read aloud

to lull little tots off to dreamland. Titles:

Three Bears

Little Red Riding Hood

Counting Rhymes LittleLulu andHerMagicTricks

Mother Goose

Three Bedtime Stories

My Kitten

Four Little Kittens

Big Brown Bear Baby's First Book

Nursery Songs

Wild Animal Babies

3 N 1506-Hord cover>. Shipping


2 lbs. 12 oz. Set $2.77


TV and Movie Favorites. A whole cavalcade of

fun with small fry's favorite characters. Titles:

Disney favorites


Shaggy Dog

TomThumb WoodyWoodpecker


Lassie and Her Day


The Sun


Rin Tin Tin and Rusty Party


Capt. Kangaroo's Surprise Party


Roy Rogers and Cowboy Toby

Snow White

Annie Oakley, Sharpshooter

3 N 1505-Hord cover>. Shipping


2 lbs. 12 oz . . Set $2.77

Stories, Crayons, Poper Dolls, Punchouts


Bag O'Books. 20 books to enchant youngsters-

includes many nursery classics. Chock full of

color illustrations.


plastic bag. Titles .. Peter

Rabbit, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Jack and the Bean–

stalk, The Three Bears, Three Little Pigs, Ginger–

bread Boy, Chicken Little, Dick Whittington, Little

Red Riding Hood and others. Paperbound.

3 N 1512-Eoch 12 pages 61'2 x8 in. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs... $1.87



Crayons. Ideal for Christmas coloring books.

64 different colors. Uniquely boxed with

sharpener built in front to constantly provide

sharp point.

3 N 4943-Shipping weight 1 pound .. .. .. . .. . . . . . .. 89c


Startime Paper Doll Assortment. Your littlegirl

will be thrilled by this dazzling collection of

lovely ladies from the worlds of TV and movies.

This year's offering includes Joanne Woodward,

Shirley Temple, Polly Bergen, Donna Reed, Sandra

Dee and Ann Sothem. Each in attractive portfolio

with two large


·in. stand-up dolls plus six sheets

of dresses



in.) in full color .. a total of

12 dolls and over 150 colorful costume changes.

3 N 1511-Shipping weight 1pound12 ounces.. . . . $1.33


Golden Funtime Punch-out Assortment. Chil-

dren can have fun-filled days punching out and

setting up these colorful figures. They can build an

entire Wild West community, set a caravan of cars

on the road. Just punch out figures and assemble

with slots and tabs .. no scissors or messy glue.

Eight 6-pg. portfolios .. Wild West Wagon Train.

Soldiers, Knights in Armor, Space, Cars andTrucks,

On the Farm, Trains, Fire Engines.

3N1510-Set totals about 2BO


Wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz. $1.87


ActMty Book Assortment. A stimulating selec-

tion for inquiring young minds eager to learn.

Ideal for rainy weather or the sniffle season. Chil–

dren can learn about numbers, animals, money, etc.

.. play with paints and stamps. Titles:

Airimal Paint Book

Car and Truck Stampi:

Clown Color Book

Colors-Activity Wheel

Indian Stamps

Let's Save Money

Count to Ten

Animals and Their Babies

Farm Stamps


Train Stamps

Mike and Melissa

3 N 1503-Hord covers. Shipping


2 lbs. 12 oz. Set



Disney Character Assortment. Fantasy and ad-

venture as only Walt Disney can create it. Some

characters are television stars .. others have ap–

peared in the movies .. and the perennial favorites,

such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy,

look at you from the comic pages. Titles:


Mickey Mouse's Picnic


Donald Duck's Toy Train


Mickey Mouse and The


Missing Mouseketeers

Darby O'Gill

Manni the Donkey

Goliath II

Perri and Her Friends

3 Little Pigs

Goofy, Movie Star

3 N 1504-Hord covers. Shipping


2 lbs. 12 oz. Set


Books for Baby


Three Washable Cloth Books. Little toddlers

will love these brightly colored pictures ofsim–

ple objects and gay playthings. Made of high-qual–

ity cloth .. practically indestructible . . and you can

wash them by hand or pop them into a machine.

All the brilliant colors are non-toxic and completely

harmless . . baby can chew on them to his heart's

content. Unique graduated page-widths make it

easy for youngsters to leaf through the book.

Titles: Up We

Go ..

Down We Go .. Step By

Step. Each 6 pages with 6 color illust. 6



3 N 1507-3 Books above. Shpg.


12 oz ..... . .. $1.37


Baby's First Library. Four colorful linen books.

With easy-to-recognize pictures. Wipe clean

with a damp cloth. All colors are non-toxic. Titles:

Words to Say, Baby's First Mother Goose (not as

illustrated), Baby's First Book, 1-2-3 Picture Book.

Each has 12 pages and 12 illust... 6%x7 J.i in.

3 N 1508-4 Books above. Gift box. Wt. 10 oz . . . .. $1.87


Play Pen Series. Wonderful seven-piece book

set to thrill and delight tiny tots. The brightly

colored pictures are certain to bring giggles of glee.

Three stretclter books

. .

6x8 in. when folded

.. stretch out to form panoramas-almost 3 ft. long

-of the Circus, Farm Animals and Friendly Wild


Also two 13'.ix9%-in. Unen books

that wipe

clean with damp cloth .. titles: Animals Baby

Knows and Mother Goose Cloth Book .. each 8 pgs.

Plus two durable picture story books-heavy


pages, stand all the punishment baby can give

them .. titles: Baby Dear and First Book for Baby

.. each 12 pages and 5J.ix7% inches.

3 N 1509-7-piece Set. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs...... . .. . . . $1.97