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Discover the Wonders of Nature

.. It's easy with BIOCRAFT Plug-in Electric Microscopes


Biocraft Biology lab. The dream of every budding biologist .. his own complete

home biology lab with actual specimens ready for dissection. He'll spend many

happy and informative hours observing and examining plant and animal life through

his precision microscope; electric plug-in sub-stage lamp gives clear field for easy

viewing. 9311-in. 3-turret metal microscope magnifies 70-210--425 times. Test tube

rack, glass slides, dissecting and slide mounting equipment, professional scalpel, scissors,

microtome and other biological equipment plus fully illustrated instruction manual

all contained in a sturdy 3-panel metal cabinet with rolled safety edges. Cabinet opens

to 34311 inches wide, 13


inches high.

49 N 2292-Shipping weight 9 pounds••••...•..••. ...• •.......... ....•. ......• ••••... $18.50


Biocraft Accessory Kit. For the bantam biologist who already has a microscope

here is a handy kit that features the fascinating study of cells, tissues and organs.

Included are actual specimens of a frog, fish, crayfish and earthworm .. all ready for

dissection; plus professional scalpel, scissors, microtome and other biological equipment

and a fully illustrated instruction manual.



2297-Shipping weight




ounces •...•..•. • .....•....•..•....•..•...•.••.. $7.49

Explore the fascinating

Chemcroft Moster De Luxe Lob .. 915 fascinating chemical experiments

.. atomic studies . . outer space investigations .. you con even blow gloss

Chemcroft Senior Lob .. 680 experiments

A wonderful gift for young scientists

Investigates the wonders of general and organic chemistry, outer space. atomic energy,

plastics, glass blowing, magic and many others. Charts show structure of matter with

illustrations. includes huge supply of chemicals and professional equipment plus 8

comprehensive, fully illustrated instruction manuals. Strong, 4-panel wood cabinet

opens to 56xl6 in. Use Sears Easy Terms .. only 10% down on orders of $20 or more.



02080K-Shipping weight 21 pounds.



. .................. Cash $27.95

79 N 02079- Chemcroft Moster lob !not shown). 825 experiments. Includes balance, alcohol lamp, test

tubes, etc.; 6 manuals. 4-panel metal cabinet opens to


in. Shp9.


15 lbs. $2.00 down .. Cash $19.95




Features experiments in outer space, rocketry, electro-chem–

istry, fabric testing, battery-making, photography, many others.

Includes precision balance, alcohol lamp, 2 test tube racks,

chemicals, 3 fully illustrated manuals. Strong metal cabinet with

rolled edges opens to 42x13



79 N 02287-Shipping weight 12 pounds.



All electrical parts are 60-cycle AC, UL approved. Sets do

not contain dangerous poisons or explosive chemicals.