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Basic construction

ports include girders,

braces and roadways

shown above!

Bridge and Turnpike Builder

Some scale as HO gouge railroads!

Build the way bridges and turnpikes are actually built!

Sturdy plastic girders, braces and roadways snap to–

gether without tools, interlock to form rigid structures.

HO gauge, can be used with


gauge. Full-color

planning folder and instructions get you started, but

you take it from there! A sure-fire gift!

Unlimited variety of bridges, including highway,

railroad, suspension, and draw types; elevated high–

ways, cloverleafs, interchanges, approaches, etc. Grade

adjusters make possible any arrangement of over-and–

under model railroad layouts for both HO and



Parts from all sets are interchangeable. Masonite

Presdwood "footings" keep structures stable.

49N2148- 491 pieces. 19xl5V2 -in. box. Wt.


lbs. 4 oz.. .


49N2147- 330 pieces. 15V2 xlSV2-in. box. Wt. 3 lbs. 6 oz...


49N2146- 214 pieces. 12V>X12V2-in. box. Wt. 2 lbs...... 2.69

American Plastic Bricks

Young builders, make modern scale models!

Fascinating, imaginative play! Kids of all ages love to design and build. Latest–

style transparent plastic jalousie windows; doors and windows open and close. Pegs

and sockets make 1%-inch red plastic bricks fit securely. Green cardboard simu–

lated asphalt roof. Larger sets build more and larger models. Parts from all sets

interchangeable .. buy several sets for mammoth jobs. All sets except 49 N 2067

have overhead garage doors. Instructions include basic plans.

49 N 2001- 902-piece set. 19x7V2-inch tube. Shipping weight 8 lbs. 3 oz...

. .....

$1 3.98

49 N 2301 - 591 -piece set. 13x7Y,-inch tube. Shipping weight 6 pounds. .... . .. ... .


49 N 2069-459.piece set in 18x5-inch tube. Shipping weight 4 pounds. . ... ... .. . .


49 N 2068-290-piece set in 14x5-inch tube. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 14 oz... ..... .


49 N 2067-208.piece set in 15V2 x4·inch tube. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 3 oz.. ... .. . .. 3.29

Flexible, safe-play

Auburn Plastic Bricks

[] Big 1075-piece Set. Builds

complete farm, street scenes!

Houses, stores, barn, gas station . .

any brick-type building. Smooth,

unbreakable plastic. Bricks snap

together easily, hold firmly. Set

includes 840 red brick pieces; 208

green, interlocking roof pieces; 24

white window and door pieces that

open and close. Also flexible plas–

tic Ranchero truck. sedan and

tractor . . each 4V2 in. long. Big

24-page instruction booklet.

49N2044-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz..



61 0-piece Set. Builds fire and

police depts.. many others. 480

brick pieces, 104 roof pieces, 24

door and window pieces. With lire

engine and police car .. each 4Y2

inches long. Instruction booklet.

49N2043-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs... . .. . $4.49


265-piece Set. Builds fire de-

partment, other buildings. 200

brick pieces, 52 roof pieces, 12 door

and window pieces. With 4Y2-in.

fire engine. Instructions.

49N2042-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz. $2.l 9