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for fascinating hours of "do -it-yourself" fun

Big! Easy-to-build Flying Models . . .049 and .15 glow-plug engines


"Spaceman" Trainer. 2-position-"gentle"

or "active" control. Shock-absorbing land–


gear. Powerful "Sportsman" .15 engine.

Die-cut balsa pieces. Nylon prop. Includes all

hardware, cement, finishing "dope," decals

and illustrated building and flying instructions.

49 N 2188-30-in. wingspan. Wt. 3 lbs. 4 oz... .$13.95


"Stuntman." Does loops, wingovers, hori-

wntal eights, etc. 2-position-"stunt" or

"trainer" control. Illustrated "Learning to

Stunt" guide. " Golden llee" .049 engine.

Die-cut balsa pieces. Rubber tires. Nylon prop.

Hardware, cement, "dope," decals.

49 N 2183-23-in. wingspan. Wt. 2 lbs. Boz....$8.98

12-piece Precision Hobby Knife Set

One plastic handle knife, 2 metal handle knives, 9 assorted

extra blades. Handy natural finish wood chest


in. high.

49 N 221 1-12-piece Knife Set. Shipping weight 12 oz... . .... . ....


Motorized Navy LCVP


Actually runs in water powered by a 3-

volt DC permanent magnet electric motor

(order 2 "C" batteries below). Many moving

parts plus 6 figures and display stand. 102

sturdy plastic pieces. 12 inches long. Includes

battery box, switch, cement, instructions.

49 N 2232- Shipping weight 1 pound........


34 N 4659-"C" Botteries. Wt. 4 oz.. . ...2 for 33c

200-piece Motorized Yacht "Atlantic"

Sturdy plastic scale model of the 1905 Kaiser Cup winner.

Actually "sails" in water powered by a tiny electric motor

(order 2 "C" batteries below). Single drive unit. Weighted

keel. Many moving parts plus lifeboats, flags, anchor, etc.

28 J..2 in. long. Includes cement , display stand, instructions.

49 N 2249- Shipping weight 3 pounds........ . .. . . . ... . .. . .


34 N 4659- "C" Botteries for above. Shpg. wt. 4 oz•.. . ... . .2 for 33c

Motorized Southern Belle


Actually runs in water powered by 3-volt

DC permanent magnet electricmotor (order

2 "C" batteries below). Many moving parts

plus 3 detailed crew members and display stand.

186 plastic pieces. 15 in. long. Includes battery

box, switch, cement and instructions.

New! Hot Rod Kit. Battery-powered motor (order 2 ea. "D"

batteries below) .. headlamps light! Easy to assemble . . snaps

together. Plastic pieces include steering mechanism, frame,

radiator, air filters, body shell with seat plus decals.

49 N :a233- Shipping weight 1 pound . ...... . .


49 N 2127- 9Y2 in. long ossembled. Shpg. wt. I lb. 9 oz.. .. .. ..


34 N 4659-"C" Botteries. Shpg. wt. 4 oz. . .2 for 33c

34 N 4650-"D" Botteries for above. Shpg. wt. B oz.. . . ... .2 for 33c

New! Remote Control B-58

Minutely detailed plastic–

replica of the supersonic jet

bomber. Move controls and

flight position by remote

control! E asy to assemble . .

154 pieces. Retractable land–

ing gear, 4 removable jet en–

gines and afterburners,

hatches that open and close,

cockpit detailing plus com–

plete crew. 17J..2 inches long;

10 )4-inch wingspan.


cludes cement, decals; dis–

play stand and instructions.

49 N 2257- Wt. 1 lb... . .


New! AD-6 Skyraider

Detailed plastic model with

many moving parts. Pro–

peller rotates, cowlings un–

hinge to show removable

engine. Landing gear re–


Wings fold into storage posi–

tion. Missiles, bomb,


tanks can be mounted on py–

lons. Ailerons, rudders move,

dive brakes operate. 4

molded figures. 15-inch wing–

span. Includes cement, in–


49 N 2238- Wt. 1lb.3oz.$