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Woodburning Sets

Work on wood, leather, cork and


UL-approved electric pens, 110-120-v. AC-DC


Our _Best Woodburning Set.

Actually a combination of several

hobbies! A wealth of things to do, all packed in good-looking, baked–

on-enameled steel chest. Electric pen with one main point and 4 screw–

on brass overpoints of different shapes, sizes. 4-piece book ends for wood–

burning, 6-piece book ends for woodcarving and 4 woodcarving plaques.

6 cork coasters,


leather bookmarks, ready-to-assemble tie rack with

dowels and nails. Two carving tools (straight chisel and angle chisel),

metal hammer, C-clamp, coping saw, colored leaf foil 6 water color

paints, artist's brush, craft pattern transfer sheet, sand;aper.



2209-Complete instructions. Shipping weight 6 pounds 4 oz.... . ... .




Fine Woodburning Set.

Electric pen and point with 4 extra points



as shown), paints, brush, tapping tool. 4 large wood plaques,

2 book ends, 4 foil and 2 wood plaques. In metal box with tray.

49 N 2178-Complete instructions. Shipping weight 3 lbs. 8 oz... . . . .. .. ..



Good Woodburning Set.

Electric pen and point with


extra points,

paints, brush, tapping tool. 7 wood plaques, ready-to-assemble

tie rack, 2 figured foil plaques, 6 leaf foil transfers. In metal box.

49 N 2177-Complete instructions. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 8 oz... ........




Economy Woodburning Set.

Electricpen and paints.Wood,foil plaques.

49 N 2221-Complete instructions. Shipping weight 1 pound...... . ....



Woodburning Kit.

5-piece planter and 4-piece comb and brush shelf.

49 N 2213-lnstruction sheets. !No pen.I Shipping weight 12 ounces....



Big Craft Kit. 2

large and


small wood plaques, pair of flower boxes,

2 cork hot pads, 4 cork coasters, 2 cork bookmarks.

49 N 2217-lnstruction sheets. Shipping weight 1 pound.. . ....... .. .....



Mr. Chips Woodcrafting Set

Ben Franklin Print Shop Set

Build a real Clock!

Carve and color fun for kids/

Designed plywood

to make 5-piece napkin holder, 2 designed wall

plaques, 2 carving tools (straight chisel and

angle chisel), metal hammer, C-clamp, coping

saw with 2 extra blades, 6 water color paints,

brush, sandpaper and practice board.

Sturdy steel press works like a real one! Automatic

inking. Easy hand action. Print area 272x4 in. for

cards, tickets, envelopes, news, etc. Absorbing hob–

by- fun kit


full instructions. Ample supply of

rubber type, type holder, tray, ink, non-flammable

ink cleaner, tweezers, screwdriver, etc.

All parts needed to assemble by hand a

pendulum wall clock that

keeps accurate


No tools needed. Gears and pinions

fit between brass plates. No springs ..

movement works by hanging weight.

Plastic housing, 4-color front.

49 N 2218-lnstructions. Shpg. wt. l lb. 10 oz...



N 02199L-9Y2 in. high over-oil. Wt. 17 lbs.. ..


49 N 2223-Full instructions. Wt. 2 lbs.





Soldier Casting Set


Make your own army/

3-figure mold

makes new commandos-rifleman,

bayoneteer, bugler. Figures 2



Electric melting stove .. 110-120-volt,

60-cycle AC-DC. Ladle, mold clamp,

handles, 18 pigs metal, mold-smoking

candle, 2 bottles of paint and brush.

49 N 2039-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 4 oz.....


49 N 2205- 7 2 Extra Pigs of Casting Metal.

' Shipping weight 2 pounds 8 ounces.... $2.97


49 N 2023- Extra Mold; makes three 2!4.



figures: submachine gunner ond

two different riflemen. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.



49N2208- Extra Mold; makes three 2Y<-in.

high figures: grenade thrower, flame throw–

er man, mortar men.


pg. wt.




Indian Beadcraft

Useful fun for boys and girls! Make

your own beaded belts, bags, headbands,

rings, bracelets, etc. Outfit includes bead

loom, finished strip of beadwork, wrist

strap, 10 bottles assorted seed beads,

thread, needles, beeswax, wire, imita–

tion jewels, and instruction



49N2175-Shpg. wt. l lb. 8 oz.... ....


49N2197- Extra beads. Shpg. wt. 12 oz.. 89<

Happy Hands Assortment

Five popular hobby crafts! Indian bead–

work, leathercraft, plexon braiding,

"Suji" wire art and bamboo beadwork.

Many projects of decorative beadwork;

leather comb case, key case; lanyards,

bracelets, etc.; small wire figures;

bamboo-bead place mats. With



structions and materials needed.

49 N 2227- Shipp;ng we;ght 2 pounds.