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Blackboard-Wall Desk, with Stool


Lots of room for picture drawing fun .. plenty of room

for studying, too. Big wall hinged desk has

17}ix15~inch green chalk board on outside, white crayon board

on inside. Crayon board serves as desk surface when

desk is open. Built-in rack holds paper, chalk, etc.

Desk comes with chalk, crayons, eraser and picture

scroll. Made of lightly stained birch, with varnished

finish. Matching stool included. Desk.measures



inches deep.

79 N 01846-Shipping weight


lb'- .. . .. . . .•. ..... . . $6.97




36x24-inch Wallboard

Provides hours of varied fun

for imaginative youngsters.

Masonite Presdwood frame

with smoothly coated, glare–

Iess surface is easy on the

eyes .. easy to erase. Gaily

stenciled designs on sides,

alphabet on top. Natural–

finish wood chalk rail. Chalk

and eraser included.

79 N 01704L- Wt. 6 lbs.. . $1.89

Magnetic Boord, Slate

All-metal board can be used

as a bulletin board, a dust–

less slate board and a tell

time board. 24x15 inches.

Pictures, alphabet and num–

ber cards can be hung on

board with magnets (includ–

ed). White crayons for slate




.(9 N l 898-Wt. 3 lbs.. ..$2.69

They like learning at home

Gifts for


and education from Santa's schoolroom

Easel Blackboards •• convert easily into handy playtime desks for tots

16x14-inch slate writing

surface . . reverses for use

on both sides. Oak frame,

with natural varnish finish.

Opens into large desk, or

folds fiat for storage. Six–

picture scroll for young ar–

tists to copy. Rack with

chalk and eraser. Size: 42


inches high, 20 inches wide.

79 N 01867L-Wt. 14 lbs..$5.79

16x12-inch green com–

position writing surface

on both sides. Natural var–

nish finish hardwood

frame. Overall size: 38 in.



in. wide. Opens

into desk or folds fiat for

storage. Six-picture copy–

ing chart. Chalk rack.

Chalk and eraser included.

79 N 01869L- Wt. 7 lbs.$2.97

14x12-inch real slate writ–

ing surface .. write on both

sides. Sturdy oak frame . .

natural varnish finish. Over–

all size: 38}i inches high, 18

inches wide. Opens into desk

or folds flat. Easy-rolling

scroll with six pictures fur–

nishes plenty of drawing

practice. Chalk and eraser.

79 N


868l-Wt. 10 lbs. .$3.99

Word and Sentence Builders for Tots .• Thread-writer Kit .• Water Color Sets


3 games in one Set. Alphabet picture

cards help tots learn letters. Picture

words help child build vocabulary through

word-picture association. Arithmetic game

teaches numbers. For kindergarten.

49 N 1723- Shipping weight 3 lbs.


oz... .$3.49


3-in-1 Educational Set. First game

uses letters and basic words to build

sentences. Second game uses hinged cards

to form new words by changing letters.

T hird game uses flash cards for simple

number problems. For grades 1 and 2.

-'9 N 1724- Shipping weight 3 lbs... ......$3.79


Thread-Writer Kit. It's easy to design,

draw, write with thread .. make mono–

grams, etc. Special pen, 4 bobbins of thread,

roller. powder, 8 sheets of special paper with

with designs, space for your own designs.

.(9 N 176"-Shipping weight 1 lb.........




Wonderland Water Color Set. 82 col-

ors, 2 brushes, paint book and instruc–



set for tiny youngsters.

.(9 N 1706- Shpg.



lbs. 4 oz.........$1.98

49 N 1866- Point Box lnot shownl. 60 colors and



Both this set ond set above from England.

Shipping weight 13 oz..

. .. . . .. .. . . .. 89c