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Pinball.. Baseball .. Football

Electric Pinball .. Lights and Bells



All the excitement and thrills of a commercial

pinball machine, including an automatic scoring

mechanism that registers the score as the bumpers

are hit. Pull a lever, then release it and ball shoots

to top of board, then works its way down, striking

bumpers as it goes. As each bumper is hit a light

flashes, a bell rings and the score mounts. Two hand–

activated kickers keep the ball in play so score of

10,000 can be made. Five steel balls included. Wood



in. high. Motor UL approved

for 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. Partly assembled.


N 0142l-Shipping weight 25 pounds.... ..... .


Electric Sports Car Race


Here's one for the young racing set. Four colorful

sports cars take off for a cross country rally . .

speed along over simulated country roads to the

finish line. First one home is the winner. Board

on which cars race is colorful plastic .. has hills,

valleys, roads, etc. to look like real countryside.



in. high. E lectrically operated .. hid–

den vibrator motor UL approved for 110- 120-volt,

60-cycle AC. Plastic board has metal frame.


N 0281 - Shipping weight 4 pounds......... . .


Push Button Baseball Game



O.K., let's p-1-a-y b-a-1-1 . . it's America's

favorite pastime. A real thriller for young base–

ball fans .. for all youngsters, in fact. Push the

button, pitcher throws curves, fast balls, etc. to

man at the plate. Batter swings, knocks ball to the

outfield, where it is drawn, through magnetic at–

traction, to the fences, the players or the field, indi–

cating type of play that has been made. 3 magnetic



metal men included. Masonite Presdwood

and steel playing field is 19x18x6 in. high. Regular

baseball score sheet and rules with each game.


N 0215-Shipping weight 6 pounds........ ... . .


Automatic Bowling Alley $4.98

Thrill-a-Minute Football Game



The e....:citement grows, and the tension mounts as

team is pitted against team .. here's real football

on a miniature scale. Players race up and down the

field, tackling, blocking, etc. The Team with the ball

can either run, pass or kick, depending on the

strategy. Playing surface is sturdy Masonite Presd–

wood .. the frame is long-lasting steel. 22 players, 2

magnetic footballs, goal posts, markers are included.

Over-all dimensions of the playing field are 28x15x8

inches high. Hidden vibrating motor UL approved

for 110 to 120-volt, 60-cycle AC.


N 0236l-Shipping weight 7 pounds... . . ... .. ....


Big l eague Ice Hockey Game $9.98

Junior-sized bowling at its best .. all the thrills

and fun of the regular game, right in your own

home. Fun for the whole family. It's all auto–

matic. too. As the bowling ball strikes the pins

they fly up into the automatic pinsetter .. then

with a flip of the rack they are re-set. Metal pin–

setter, with plastic pins. Set also includes two



plastic bowling balls, 2 wooden pegs, score

sheets, instructions.

Develops coordination and timing . . youngsters mani–

pulate players with levers on side of playing surface . . try

to get marble into the goals. Masonite Presdwood base,

with steel frame and legs . . rounded metal corners.

Players whirl, block, and pass the marble back and forth

. . very fast moving. 10 players, 2 goalies, 6 pennants in

color, and rules for playing included.


N 0 224L-36xl8x4V. in. high. Shipping weight 14 lbs... . .



N 0282- 16Y2xl6Y2X9 in. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs.....