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Build Your Own Fun at Home

Handy Work Bench

Our Finest Tool Kit

Top-quality leather Tool Belts for young "repairmen"

Wood .. metal vise. Features

handy tote drawer that has

carrying handle . . can be

used separately from bench.

Peg board back rail. 32x16-

in. top . . 28 in. high. 24x14-

in. storage shelf underneath.

79NT1526L-Wt. 27 lbs. $9.98

Steel wall cabinet measures 24x24 in. when

open.45 pcs. incl. saw.withcross-cut, metal cut–

ting, pruning and hack saw blades; coping saw;

hand twist drill set of 9 drills ; brace; claw ham·

mer: T-square; wooden rule; level; screw–

drivers; chisels; pliers; block plane; 3 wrenches,

auger bit and a working manual.


Fitted Tool Belt. Flashlight uses 2

batteries (not included .. order at

right). Screwdriver. jackknife. pliers,

friction tape on chain and hammer.

Belt fits waist sizes 22 to 30 in.

Top Grain leather Belt. Phillips

screwdriver, hammer, regular screw–

driver, Jong-nose pliers, slip-joint

pliers, jackknife, tape on chain, 3

wrenches, flashlight (uses 2 batteries

.. order below), rule, carpenter pencil.

Fits waist sizes 22 to 30 inches.

49 N 1516-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz .. $3.98

79 N 01514-Shipping weight 16 lbs. . . . ...$14.89


Jun.ior Belt. Similar to above, but

without knife or flashlight.

49 N 1552-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz...$5.79

34 N 4650- Batteries for above. Shipping

79NO1524L- Bench without

drawer. Shipping wt. 24 lbs. $7.98

79NT1 515L- Save $1.89. Set above with work bench

at left 179NT1526U. Shipping wt. 43 lbs. . .... $22.98

49 N 1517-Shpg. wt. I lb. 15 oz... $2.87

weight 8 ounces.


2 for 33c

Steel Wall cabinet has place for each tool .. 18x18

in. open. Saw; level; hammer; slip-joint pliers; cop–

ing saw; screwdriver; block plane; T-squarc; chisels;

wrenches; hand drill; 12-inch rule; manual.

79 N 01512- Shipping weight 9 pounds. .

. . $8.87

79 N Tl 51 JL- Sove 87c. Combination of set above and

bench 179NTl526U obove. Shpg. wt. 36 lbs ....... $17.98

Print your own play money

Set has right President's or Statesman's picture of

Sl, SS, $10, etc. bills. Make paper coins, too.

Plastic tray, 8 portrait stamps, 40 outline letters,

etc. Ink pad, colored pencils, green paper.

49 N 1807- Box l6xlOY2 in. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.. $2.69




23-piece Happi-Time Tool Kit

Red steel box, 16%x8.)-ix3% has 2 catchlocks,

carrying handle. Holds 10-in. level; 15-in. saw;

6-oz. claw hammer ; slip-joint pliers; screwdriver;

3 open-end wrenches; T-square; block plane; brace

and bit; coping saw with 3 blades; sanding block;

sand paper; pencil; 12-in. rule; working manual.

49 N 1503- Shipping weight 6 lbs. 8 oz.......... $4.89

Complete Cub Printing Shop

What fun to print your own cards, newspapers, etc.

Metal press .. two ink rollers, two colors of ink for

"2-color" printing. 200 pieces of grooved rubber

letters, figures, spacers, punctuation marks. Alpha–

betized type compartments. Type tweezers, paper,

idea book, 4 picture dies, picture-backing rubber.

49 N 1804- Box 18x12 inches. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs..

. .$6.49

Economy-priced Tool Kit

Red, white and blue metal box with snap catch,

carrying handle .. 12.)-ixS.)4x3%' in. high. Box con–

tains hammer; plane; screwdriver; saw with plastic

handle; T-square with inches marked on it; 12-

inch ruler; sandpaper; sandpaper block; wrench;

and book "How to Make Things Out of Wood".

49 N 1502-Shipping weight 3 pounds ..... . .... $2.87

Our Best Toy Printing Shop

Prints two-column "digest" size (5)1x772-in.) news–

papers .. also menus, school activity programs, etc.

All-metal press. 600 pcs. type, 16 type slots, news–

paper headings, 15 picture dies, rubber cement,

tweezers. Press adjusts for heavy or light inking.

Ink, paper, 16-page idea book included in shop.

49 N 1806- Shipping weight 4 pounds . .......... $9.49