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Flint McCullough Holster Set with hideaway pistol • . $3 .97

An exciting replica of the guns worn by

the hero of Television's


agon Train."

Genuine top grain cowhide holster and

belt, featuring a miniature 4-inch bullet–

loading pistol in a cleverly concealed

holster. Regular .45 bullet-loading cap

pistol, antiqued bronzed metal, with

simulated bone grips. Pistol 11



long. Cap-firing. 12 large metal play

bullets on belt .. . fit into revolving cham–

ber of pistol. Regular holster bas rawhide

leather leg ties. Belt fits waist sizes






1959 by Revue Productions, Inc.

49 N 2811 - Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz . .. ... .. $3.97

Other Popular Holster Sets for your Junior Lawmen


U.S. Marshal Single Shaulder Hol-

ster. 50 shot repeating action auto–

matic break-barrel cap pistol,



long. Die-cast metal. Hideaway trooper

pistol on clip. Top-grain leather holster.

U.S. Marshal badge included.

49 N 2809-Shpg. wt. I lb. 4 oz.. . .... S2.79


Buffalo Bill Miniature Double Hol -

ster Set for the very young who

want some shootin' irons. Leather hol–

sters, single-shot die-cast cap pistols, 6

inches long. Plastic belt fits waists 18

to 25 inches.

49 N 2803-Shipping weight 8·ounces.. . . . 89c





Single Cross Draw Texa s Ranger Set

with hideaway derringer in holster

that fits on back of belt.


ranger is dis–

armed by "outlaws" he reaches for hidden

gun. Break-barrel cap-firing pistol.


inches long. Belt fits waists 16 to 28 inches.

49 N 2806-Shpg. wt. I lb. 4 oz . . .. . .... $1.85


Single Shot Derringer for the young

lawman. Shoots caps. Die-cast metal

with plastic grip. Bullet ejector. 3 inches

long. Cowhide belt, plastic holster. Two

play bullets on the belt. Fits waist sizes

from 22 to 30 inches.

Order now for Christmas!

49 N 2679-Shipping weight 12 ounces . .. ... 89c

Wagon Trairi> Holster Sets

Favorit,e guns ofFlint McCullough,Major Adams


Ma jor Adams Double Holster Set. A realistic replica of the holster

set the Major to protect Wagon Trains on their trips through

the Indian-infested western plains. Strap on these pistols and be part

of the wagon train yourself. Top grain cowhide holsters . . embossed

belt. Two .45 caliber cap pistols, 11


in. long, with revolving bullet–

loading cylinders . . . fanning or trigger action. Two-tone simulated

horn grips. Pistols are nickel plated. 12 metal play bullets fit into pis–

tols. Belt fits waist sizes 22 to 30 inches.

49 N 2832-Shipping weight 3 pounds 4 ounces .•..... . . . .......... ...




Flint McCullough Double Holster Set • •• just like one the tough

\Vagon Train scout uses. Here's a set to make the old west live

again right in your own backyard. Genuine top grain cordovan finish

cowhide leather holsters and belt. Double slung holsters with "Flint

McCullough" tooled on the front of each. Double cross straps. Two

bronzed .45 caliber cap pistols with fanning or trigger action ..



in. long. Two-tone simulated horn grips. 12 metal play bullets load into

revolving cylinders. Belt fits waists 22 to 30 inches.

49 N 2841-Shipping weight 3 pounds 10 ounces ........... . ...........


Exciting Western Holster Sets



TV's famous Maverick Brothers


Single Hoister Set. Extra-handsome cartridge-loading cap pistol

with simulated ivory grip ... black simulated ivory steerhead in

center of grip. Pistol has revolving barrel . .. fanning or trigger action.

Genuine top grain saddle leather holster, hip-slnng belt. Rawhide leg

ties. Belt has 12 metal play bullets to fit into pistol. Nickel plated pistol



inches long. Belt fits waist sizes 22 to 30 inches.

49 N 2810-Shipping weight 1pound12 ounces . .. . .. . .. . . . .... . .......$2.97


Double Holster Set ... a favorite of the famous brothers on tele-

vision. Two cartridge-loading, revolving chamber cap pistols . . .

simulated ivory grips with steerhead inserts. Pistols are nickel plated

. .. 11

inches long. Top grain black cowhide holsters, with gold-color

Maverick cross straps on the front. Gold-color conchas, with spots.

Leather leg ties. Cats eye stones decorate the belt. Six metal play

bullets on each side of belt ... lit into revolving cylinders of the

pistols. Belt lits waist sizes 22 to 30 inches.


N 2823-Shipping weight 2 pounds 12 ounces . . .....................$4.89

NOTE: The state of Ohio prohibits the sale


cap firing pistols to minors

under 16 years old.

Low-priced Double Holster Sets


Buffalo Bili Set. Fancy western styling for the young cowpoke. Two

50-shot, repeating action, automat ic break-barrel cap pistols, with

simulated horsehead ivory grips. Three silver-colored play bullets on

belt. Genuine top grain holsters and belt with handsome western tooled

design. Leather leg ties. Nickel plated pistols are 10 inches long .. .

fancy design on barrel. Adjustable belt fits waist sizes 22 'to 30 inches.

Order now for Christmas.

49 N 2822-Shipping weight 2 pounds 3 ounces.......... . .............$3.89


Texas Ranger Set. Now junior lawmen can help keep t he peace

around the neighborhood, 'cause they're sure to get their man every

time with this like-real Ranger set. Two 50-shot nickel plated repeating

action cap pistols. Simulated ivory horsehead grips. Embossed top grain

cowhide holsters, belt. Pistols 9 in. long. Belt fits waist sizes 22 to 30

inches. 6 silver-colored play bullets on belt.

49 N 281 2-Shipping weight 1 pound 12 ounces....... .


. . . . ••. . .. . .... $2.87

The "Bounty Hunter®" Carbine Set


A realistic version of the sawed-off carbine worp. by Josh Randall

in the thrilling TV program " \Vanted-Dead or Alive." "Mare's

Laig" gun is molded plastic with simulated wood stock, and plastic

barrel. Equipped with die-cast metal cap mechanism and cocking lever

.. fires caps in rapid action and at the same time ejects shells. Can be

fired with one hand, like a pistol. Metal hook on side of gun latches

onto holster. 20 in. long. Plastic holster. Belt is slotted for shells . ..

adjusts to fit most waist sizes.


49 N 2872-Eight plastic ploy bullets included. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs . ........... .$4.79