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Trailer Truck Fleets

All the excitement and activity of a real city warehouse, with cross–

country trucks coming and going, loading and unloading. These new

fleets of giant trailer trucks are the biggest and best we've seen .. and

they're made exclusively for Sears. Trucks are constructed of extra–

heavy gauge steel to stand up under the worst possible "road condi–

tions" . . built to rigid specifications to make sure your youngster gets

the finest fleet available. They'll love "loading


shipping" merchan–

dise . . and these trucks have plenty of carrying space .. one



over-all lengtb of almost 4 feet. The styling, of course, is the latest ..

streamlined, but still rugged looking. Smooth, chip-resistant enamel

finishes, in regular automotive colors. Plastic accessories with each

fleet include workmen in action poses; terminal accessories, such as

scales, hand trucks and name brand cartons to load into the trucks.

The packing cartons fold into sturdy, realistic loading docks and truck


[] SET NO. 1 features 47-in. Tandem Trailer and Cab plus Hydraulic

Dump Trailer and Deluxe Van trailer


described on opposite

page) .. also has plenty of miniature cartons, workmen and equipment.


N 05535L-Shipping weight 28 pounds. .... .. ...... . ......... .



SET NO. 2 includes our new-style Sears trailer plus the Giant


state Auto Transport and Cab with its three steel friction-drive

autos. (Described on opp. page). Many cartons, workmen, accessories.


N 05523L-Shipping weight 16 pounds.. . ..... .... . .. . . .. .. ...