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Auto Carrier


Easily carries two unbreakable

cars in the trailer as it roars down

the highway. Loading ramp simplifies

loading and unloading. Cab and trailer

separate by coupling device. Flexible

long-lasting polyethylene body. 26"

inches long over-all.


N 05518-Shpg.


3 lbs.....•..



Cement Mixer.

Drum automatical-

ly revolves as truck is pushed ..


really mix cement (not included).

Drum can also be revolved manually

with a band crank. A lever raises

drum platform for dumping .. dump

trough has movable spout. Polyethy–

lene. 16" inches long.

49 N5655-Shipping wt. 4 lbs.••.••.. $4.49

[[) Power Shovel.

The ideal toy for

the young ''construction foreman."

Operating clam bucket opens when

raised, closes when lowered. Cab

rotates 360°. Boom raises and lowers.

Constructed of flexible, polyethylene.

20 inches long.


N 05521-Shipplng


3 lbs......$4.49

Realistic Fire Truck


Made for exciting fun with aerial

ladder that raises and lowers, ex–

tends two feet, and rotates ... oper–

ates mechanically. Authentic tiller–

man's seat. Truck is bright red poly–

ethylene . . simulated chrome trim.

Manned by 2 firemen. 22 inches long.

49 N 5601-Shpg.


2 lbs. 9 oz....



Dump Truck.

Cab-over-engine de-

sign. Big hinged cab lifts up and

forward to reveal dummy motor.

Truck has open-and-close tail gate ..

dump body lifts like a real dump

truck . . locks in position. Color

is molded


19}i inches long over-all.

Order now .. get ready for Christmas.

49 N 5580-Shpg.


2 lbs. 8 oz... . •$1.99


Tow .Truck.

Crane raises and

Jowers, bas a towing hook to pull

"stalled" autos just like a regular

wrecker. Tool box. Cab-over-engine

design. Hinged cab opens to expose

dummy truck motor. Polyethylene.

18" inches long.

49 N 5581-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 3 oz....$1.99

Order early and avoid the Christmas rush

Big Bouncy Plastic Toys

Drop them .. squeeze them .. pound them .. they

pop right back


shape .. almost unbreakable



"MOOll Explorer"

Huge polyethylene mobile missile center features 3 rockets .•. 2 can be

fired at the same time from


launching pads .. fty 25 feet in the air.

Video (flashing light) and audio (beeping) detectors operate when "Geiger

Counter" contacts metal Transmit messages with operating telegraph



N 05657-Uses 2 batteries larder below!. 28 in. long. Shpg.


3 lbs..•....


34 N 4650-Botteries for obave. Shipping weight 8 oz...••.•.•••.....•..2 for 33c

25-piece Combat Vehicle and Fighting Set

A junior-sized mobile army. Set includes two army


with movable

turrets, 5


inches long; two recon cars· with machine gun mountings,


inches long; two jeeps, with cannons attached,


inches long; one

truck; 16 soldiers, 3 in. high. 2 flags. All in rubber-like vinyl.

49 N 5575-Shipping weight 2 pounds.• .. .•.• . .......•........•.•.......


II-Piece Form Machinery Set of Vinyl Plastic

All the machinery needed to run a farm. Two trucks, plus two tractors, one



in. long, one 4}i


long connect to spreader, haywagon, disc, three gang plow,

3}i-in. mower, dozer blade and bayloader. All pieces in rubber-like vinyl.

49 N 5567-Shipping weight 2 pounds.......•......••......................


Rugged Combat Tonk

Has elevating cannon, swivel turret,

mounted machine gun and radio an–

tenna. Molded in unbreakable poly–

ethylene. Military olive drab color.

1234 in. long, 6}i in. wide.

49 N5588-Shipping


1 lb. 8 oz.. . $1