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Giant Atomic Cannon

Electronic Cannon Truck


Close replica of the giant mobile

atomic cannon now being used by

our Armed Forces. Comes in 3 sections

. . 2 cabs detach from cannon platform



is ready for action . . all of

high impact plastic. Entire unit can be

moved either direction. 17-inch cannon

barrel moves up and down .. fires six

soft-nose shells (which are included) by

spring action. Unit is 42 in. long over-all.


N 05525-Shipping weight





Cannon elevates, swivels and fires

4-inch soft-nose projectiles .. operates

by push-button from electronic control

panel on top of cab. Heavy-gauge steel

construction. Fully detailed radar screen.

Five missiles supplied, plus 10 plastic toy

solqiers in action poses. Heavy-duty rub–


tires, treads. Truck is 28 inches long.

Uses 2

" D"

batteries (order below).


N 05664-Shpg. wt. 10 lbs........ .


34 N 4650-Sotteries. Wt. 8 oz.... . . 2 for 33c

Remote Control Toys

Operate from attached battery boxes


Old-Fashioned Plane. Press

first button on control box,

plane runs along floor, with pro–

pellers spinning . . press second

button and plane changes direc–

tion. Metal. 15-inch wingspread.


inches Jong. Uses 2



teries (order below). FromJapan.

49N5749-Wt.1 lb.8oz.. .


34 N 4650-Botteries. Shipping

weight for two, 8 oz... ... 2 for 33c


Police Car with Machine

Gun. Car roars forward, or

moves rapidly in reverse .. steers

to the right or left.


car moves

along, machine gun moves from

left to right with rat-tat-tat

noise. Sturdy steel, with baked

on enamel finish.


inches long.

Uses 2


batteries (please

order below). Japanese.

49 N 5743- Wt. 14 oz... . ....


34 N 4650-Sotterie s. Shipping

weight for two, 8 oz. .

.. ..

2 for 33c


Electronic Flash Plane . .

actually takes off, climbs,

dives, loops, flies upside down,

lands. Operates by push-button

control. Light, flexible plastic ..

12 in. long, 14 in. wingspread.

Spring steel landing gear. Uses



batteries (order below).

49 N 5753-Wt. 1 lb... . . . .


34 N 4650-Botteries. Shipping

weight for two, 8 oz... . .. . 2 for 33c




Convertible. Long

and low, like a sports car.

Metal top raises and lowers with

a touch of a button . . rear of car

opens to receive it. Car goes

forward and backward, steers

by remote control. Colorful

metal body,


in. long. Im–

ported from Japan. Uses 2


batteries (order below).

49 N 5889- Wt. 1 lb. 8 oz...


34 N 4650-Sotte ries. Shipping

weight for two, 8 oz. .

. .. .


for 33c

Futuristic Armored Car. Real

action !

Remole conl,oll


revolve and fire. Makes siren

noise . . headlight flashes. Vehicle

steers right or left .. moves for–

ward or back. Metal.


in. long.

2 batteries, not incl. Japanese.

49 N 4249- Wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.. .


34 N 465o-Botteries. Shipping

weight for two, 8 oz..

... . .


for 33c

Count Down Rocket Control Center

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0 ..


.. and another rocket heads into

"outer space".


soon as the set is turned on, the radar scanner

operates continuously, emitting radio signals. A remote controlled

flat car transports the rocket to a launching pad, while the

"fuel" control indicates the distance to nearby planets. When

count down lever is depressed, pointer starts its revolution . .

when it reaches firing position "fire" lever is pressed and rocket

blasts off to height of 20 feet. " Radar'' screen lights up and

" tracks" rocket into space. Moon missile, Lunar Probe,


included. Plastic. 22 inches long.


N 05721-Uses 2 "D" batteries {order belowl. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.. .


34 N 4650-Botteries. Shipping weight for two, 8 oz.. .. .. . .... 2 for 33c

Use Sears Easy Terms

. .

only 10% down


orders of $20 or

more . .

see page 294