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Repel the Invaders

New Electronic Satellite Interceptor

Battery-operated motor keeps plastic satellite suspended in jet

stream of air. Try to knock it down with missiles fired from launch–

ing pad. Plastic launching station includes sighting and tracking

screen, power switch, action and aiming knobs, and remote control

firing button. Powertron station, 4 satellites, 3 missiles, instruction

sheet. Uses 2 "D" batteries (order below).


N 05085-Entire set in box 24x8x8 in. Shipping weight 3 lbs......


34 N 4650-Botteries for above. Shipping weight


ounces ...... 2 for 33c

Two-Way Walkie-Talkie

Stocking Fillers

Fun-on-Wheel Toys.

2-in. plasticfigures on

rubber wheels.


clude Dumbo, Lady,

others. Set of 8. Wt.





Take Apart Plastic

Puzzle Toys. Tank,

jeep, truck, locomo–

tive, hot rod . . parts

color keyed. Weight





49 N 5UO.... .



Looks like the type used by tbe marines.

Operates electro-magnetically . . adds

realism to "battle play". Talk to fellow soldier

up to 25 feet away .. send and receive com–

mands. Set includes two Plastic sender-re–

ceivers, 25 feet of insulated conductor wire.

49 N 5091-Shipping weight




Firebird "99" Auto Dashboard


Insert key . . wipers swish .. signals blink

. . speedometer accelerates. Blow horn.

Glove compartment opens. Made of sturdy,

colorful plastic. Uses 2 batteries . . order below.

49 N 5080-13 in. wide. Wt. 3 lbs. 2 oz.. . . .


34 N 4650-Botteries. Shpg. wt. 8 oz.. ... 2 for 33c

Overnight Maneuvers Kit


When your junior-size marine goes on

an overnight "patrol" this set makes

an.ideal companion. Sleeping bag of water–

repellent tufted plastic, helmet with

camouflage net, canteen, and mess kit

with knife, fork, spoon .. all plastic.

49 N 5079-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.




Satellite Launcher Set


Includes launcher


that fires flying



incl.) up to 50 feet in the air

.. all

plastic; two Dart 'n Skeet guns that

launch target saucers and shoot darts .. 6

harmless darts. 6 saucer targets.

49 N 5097-Shipping wt. 10 oz... ... ..


Young "soda fountain owners" love dispensing their own refreshments

Electric Corn Popper, Vendor

Heat-proof glass top on popper to

show corn popping. Empty popped

corn into dispenser by tilting hinged

corn popper .. plastic bowls fill from

dispenser's vending spout. Aluminum

popping pan, red and white steel dis–

penser with shelf inside for storing

bowls, etc. 4 plastic bowls, supply of

popcorn, recipes. UL approved 110-

120 volt, 60-cycle AC.

49 N 1865- 12x9x17 in. Wt. 10 lbs..


Toy Soda-Pop Fountain

Now "the neighborhood gang" can

have their favorite form of refresh–

ment in regular drugstore style.

Fountain holds contents of three 9 oz.

pop bottles . . dispenses by pressing

any one of 3 pumps. 6 plastic cups, 3

ice cream compartments with lids.

Flavor name inserts for each pump.

Made of red and white high-impact

plastic .. 8%'x10%'x10%' in. high.

49 N 1805- Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 12 oz..


Coco-Cola Dispenser

Dispenses this famous soft drink so

easily a child can operate it. Holds

regular size bottle . . up to 9 ounces.

Liquid pours freely at a pull of the

handle. Bottle easy to insert, designed

so perfect cleanliness is assured. Four

small 2-inch plastic glasses. Red and

white plastic dispenser 6x9x10 inches.

Youngsters will love playing "soda

jerk" for the neighborhood.

49 N 1819- Shipping wt. 3 lbs.... ..


"Coin-operated" Dispenser

Place play coin in slot .. put glass under

opening and press button. Machine

lights up, pours drink, shuts off. Uses

whatever liquid is inside of tank.

Sturdy steel and plastic ..



high. 3 plastic glasses and "coins" in–

cluded. Uses 2 batteries .. order below.

49 N 1880- Shipping wt. 2 lbs.... .. $3.


34 N 4650-Botteries. Wt. 8 oz... 2 for 33c