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ALLS TATE®Electric Trains

Two-Train Trestle Set

Trains run on same t rack, yet never collide ..



controlled by automatic block signal



Die-cast wheels .. 5-tie track .. scale detailing

block signal flashes

green for train to proceed through

underpass . . red for it to stop

Allstate® Two-Train "Over and Under'' Trestle Outfit . . over 26 feet of track

One of the most exciting train sets we've seen. Giant trestle track system has

automatically controlled electric block signal which flashes green for one train

to go through the underpass, red to hold the other train back until pass is clear.

Set includes two complete freight trains.Diesel switcherset has diesel locomotive

with headlight, one gondola, a box car and a caboose .. 34 inches long. Steam

freight set has engine that puffs smoke, a coal and water-type tender, a fiat car

with racks. tank car and caboose . . 40


in. long. Both locomotives have Power

Pull for better traction. Engines and cars are plastic and metal. Die-cast wheels,

manual couplers. Trains run fast or slow by remote control but do not reverse

or uncouple. 50-wattcircuit-breaker transformer Underwriters' Laboratories ap–

proved for 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. 11 sections of curved, 10 sections of

straight large-radius, 5-tie track . . 26 feet 1 inch long overall. 2 special sections

of straight track. special pin-end track, special no-pin straight track, automatic

block signal, 24-piece set of plastic trestles. one railroad bridge and one track

connector. Buy on Sears Easy Terms . . see page 294.

79 N 09637-Shipping weight 18 pounds........ .. . . ..... . .. .. .... ... ... . ... $29.67

From the days of early America

An Old-Style Wood-Burner $1877

Patterned a fte r the trains that helped settle our last frontier

Here it comes 'round the bend, chugging and puffing right out of one of the most exciting

pages in the history of America .. the taming of the West.

Old fashioned steam-type locomotive puffs smoke as it moves along .. has drive pistons,

oilless bronze bearings for smooth running. Tender shows molded imitation logs. Locomo–

tive and tender measure 14Y. inches long. Combination baggage and mail car .. SY, in.

long. Regular passenger car .. 8


in. Jong. Move train fast or slow, forward or back,

couple or uncouple cars .. all by remote control.

Heavy-duty 50-watt transformer has built-in circuit breaker for long life. Underwriters'

Laboratories approved for 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. 10 sections of large radius track: 8

curved sections, one straight section and one uncoupler track section with an ''Uncouple

Here" sign. Bottle of smoke refill and a lock-on connector included.

79 N 09622- Trock circumference measures


in. Troin is 31 in. long overall. Shpg.


8 lbs... $1 8.77