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Trains Scale Detailed .. sold exclusively by Sears

HO ALLSTATE 6-unit Electric Freight with Figure-8 Trestle •• Smoking Locomotive

Big 3-foot long train runs forward or backward, fast or slow,

over, under and around on more than 15 feet of roadbed

A long roadbed filled with...grades and curves, a brawny freight with cars you can couple and

uncouple by remote contror-here's railroading at its best! Die-cast metal Power Pull locomotive

with headlight. Weighted, high-impact plastic coal tender, gondola, box car, tank car and caboose

have nylon trucks and wheels. 2 pillars, girder bridge, 30 pieces of graduated plastic trestle


18 sections curved, 5 sections straight track and I rerailer uncoupler form 190-in. figure eight

track layout. T rain 36 in. long. Track connector, smoke refill included. Engine has Power Pull

drive and puffs smoke.

Does twl include Powerpack


order (17) or (18) on opposite page.


N 9979- Shipping weight 4 pounds.......• . . •. . . ...... •...•.... . .. •.. ..... .•. . . ...••.......$19.87

Battery- powered or Wind-up Trains for Little "Engineers"

New! 18 -inch Plastic Tra in with a "Brain". Set switches- battery-powered

engine shuttles cars back and forth, uncoupling one at a time to pick

up barrels from dock, then back to re-couple. Bumper trip makes it



12 track sections, 2 switches make about 12 feet of track.




for young railroaders; a long time favorite in play value.

49 N 9515- Uses 1 "D" Battery (not included, order below). Shpg. wt. 4 lbs....



Battery-powered Rocket Ship and Monora il Set. Give your youngster a

realistic peep into this transportation future. Brightly colored metal

rocket ship runs forward or backward suspended from a sturdy steel

monorail, supported by 10 steel trestles. Ship is 10 in. long. 6 curved, 4

straight rails form 144-in. oval layout. Trestles are 5



high. Uses

1 "D" standard flashlight battery (not included . . order below).

49 N 9516- lmported from Japan. Shipping weight 2 pounds.... .............


34 N 4650- "D" Batteries. Shipping weight 8 ounces . . ..... .. ..... ... ....2 for 33c

Wind-up Freight Train on Base. Plastic locomotive, powered by long-running

spring motor, hauls 3 brightly colored metal cars around scenic metal base. Train

speeds at high rate around grooved track through 2 tunnels; crossing gate and

semaphore move up and down as it passes. Metal base has all-over scenic design.

Train 11


in. long and travels around track about 20 times on one winding.

49 N 9513- Bose 21l4 in. long, 13 in. wide. Shipping weight 3 lbs............. . ....... .


New! Colorful 4 -unit Battery-powe red Vinyl Freight Train. How he'll thrill to

the sight of lively power of this old-fashioned steam-type locomotive as it pulls

a coal tender, gondola. and caboose around 92-inch oval layout! 8 sections curved,

2 sections straight track. Locomotive, cars and track all made of unbreakable

vinyl plastic in realistic train colors. Train 31 in. long.

49 N 9514- Uses 1 "D" Battery !not included . . order al leftl. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.. . ..... . . ..