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Prehistoric World

44-piece set






16-piece set


3-dimensionol figures from

the wild jungles of a million years ago



The world as it was eons ago comes to life with

this exciting set. Dinosaurs, reptiles and cave

men roam over the realistic colorful plastic land–

scape, with simulated pool, waterfall. Landscape

board (incl.) is


in. high. Palms and

ferns. 23 prehistoric animals of colored plastic in–

clude such monsters as the Brontosaurus, the duck–

billed Hadrosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus, the broad–

snouted Trachodon, and the fierce Allosaurus.

Twelve plastic cave men wield stones, spears and

primitive clubs to defend themselves from the huge

beasts. Sizes of 3-dimensional beasts range from 8

in. long to 2 in. high with cave men in proportion.

Illustrated, informative book included.

79 N 05934-Shipping weight 4 pounds... . ... . ....$4.89


16-piece Prehistoric Set. 11 kinds of animals,

birds. 3 cave men. 2


to 3 inches high.

49 N 5954-Plostic. Shipping weight 10 oz.•••.... , •... 89c

Noah's Ark .. floats in water, has wheels for floor play Sl.97

Tells vividly the famous Biblical story of Noah and his Ark, and how he loaded

it with two each of every animal in the world in preparation for the great deluge.

All figures are carefullydetailed in soft, colorful rubber-like vinyl. Red and yellow

ark constructed of almost unbreakable polyethylene ... use as boat or pull toy.

Noah and his wife about 3 inches high. Ark measures 10J4x5J4x4% inches high.

New! Scenic Base for play sets in realistic colors S4.79

66 animals (33 pair) included. Order now . . . for that extra Christmas gift.

49 N 5997-Shipping weight 2 pounds . .... . ...... .... , ...... . ... ... . ..... ,., .$1.97

Now you can have realistic outdoor background for your regular play sets

. . makes play more fun. This scenic board has raised mountains; roads; and

lovely fields. Lifelike colors. Base is made of durable plastic, and measures

approximately 30x24 inches wide.

For our larger base toy play sets (such as our finest twin silo farm set) you

will need two of these bases.

79 N 05972L-Shipping weight


pounds.. •. ... . ...•.. .. . .. . . ..... . .. . ... . ...$4.79




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