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They're happy learning

with Educational Toys

Plenty of


for youngsters playing school,

office, or just putting together puzzles

Desk Set features swing-out storage chest


A whole storehouse of fun with lots of things to do for active youngsters.

Built-in toy hamper chest of Masonite Presdwood gives storage space

fo~ to~s

and books and games. Swing-away construction for easy access. Shde-m

chalkboard has alphabet, numbers .. may be stored in hamper. Chalkboard

slides away to reveal a pegboard top on desk. Desk and chair of_ selected

Ponderosa Pine, light maple finish. Chair has welded legs. Set contams color–

assorted pegs, mallet, chalk, eraser and two slide-in game boards for Check–

ers, Tic-Tac-Toe, Derby and Speedway racing games. Easy to assemble.

79 N 01811 K- Desk 25x15Y7X23Y2 inches high. Shpg. wt. 25 lbs.............. . .$9.97

Thrifty Peg Table-Blackboard

Handsome desk with built-in bench. Unfinished

selected wood. Easy-turning scroll with an

alphabet chart and full-color nursery pictures

to copy. Blackboard top reverses to white

crayon board ... write with special "wipe-off"

crayons. Entire top may be removed and mount–

ed on wall. Inside of desk contains peg board.

Set includes mallet, chalk, crayons, pegs,

eraser. Desk 18x25x27% in. Easy to assemble.

Combination Peg Table-Chalk board

Companion Blackboard-Peg Table

Here's a set that allows your yonngster to draw pic–

tures on green chalk surface or create designs with

colored pegs on big peg board. Drop-lid top of tem–

pered Masonite Presdwood makes peg table accessible

for play. Desk and spacious seat ruggedly constructed

of Ponderosa Pine to take rough play. Richly lacquered

light maple finish. Comes with mallet, plastic pegs.

chalk, eraser, instruction brochure. Over-all size 23x19x

23 inches high. Easy to assemble. Order today!

79 N 01862-Shipping weight 10 lbs..... . ... ..



N 01779- Shipping weight 11 pounds . ..... . .. . ....


Built for two for twice as much fun. Double desk–

bench with "slide-off" reversible composition top on

each desk. One side is blackboard, other is white

crayon board. Built-in roll paper. Each desk has a

pegboard inside, plus plenty of storage space. Desk

and seats


in. high .. constructed of

selected wood. Comes with double set of accessorii;s:

2 rolls of paper, 2 cutters, 2 mallets, 2 boxes of chalk,

2 boxes of crayons. 2 sets of pegs, 2 erasers, 6 stencils.


N 01812- Eosy assembly. Shipping weight 13 lbs.. . .


"Sleeping Beauty" Puzzles

Four inlaid-type puzzles measure lOx

13 inches when assembled. Brightly

colored, precision-cut heavy card–

board pieces. Exciting pictures.

49 N 4620- Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 10 oz.. Set 89c

Peg Carry Kit

Actually two entertaining toys in

one ... a chalk board for budding

artists, and a peg board, complete

with colored pegs and mallet.

Chalk board has alphabet, num–

bers and figures stenciled on it.

Sturdy wood kit has handle for

carrying, room inside for acces–

sories. 16x12%x2 inches.

49 N 1725-Wt. 3 lbs. 6 oz.... .


Mickey Mouse Club Puzzles

Set includes Snow White, Cinderella.

Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse. Each



1 in. assembled. Heavy

cardboard pieces.

49 N 4655- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.... ... . Set 89c

Two-sided Map Puzzle

Stimulates young minds . . gives

them some knowledge of local and

world geography. Colorful accurate

map of United States on one side,

the world on the other. Durable

Tekwood (3-ply fiberboard, with a

wood center). Interlocking pieces.

Map when assembled measures 20x

14 inches. Educational, entertaining.

49 N 406- Shpg. wt. 1lb.8 oz....


Ten lnloid Puzzles

Each one has about 14 pieces



inches when assem–

bled. Made from heavy cardboard.

Brightly colored pictures delight tots.

49N4742- Shpg. wt. 1lb.11 oz......


Five Educational Inlaid Puzzles

Clock, months, seasons, alphabet,

U.S. map. Heavy cardboard. Box 14x

11 inches.

49 N 4743- Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 3 oz.. .