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Our Best Toy Electric Range

Controlled heat oven. Automatic thermostat regulates heat

in fiber glass insulated oven with window. Warming oven,

utensil drawer, 2 separate double top burners. Light illumi–

nates top of stove. 15x7


in. high. With oven rack,

cook book of recipes that fit 10 utensils: covered aluminum

saucepan, angel cake pan, 4-in. round layer cake pan, pie

plate, cookie sheet, 3 cookie cutters, measuring spoon. Pink

finish, gold-color metallic trim. UL approved. 110- 120-volt,

60-cycle AC. Box of Brillo included.


N 01146- Shipping weight 12 pounds...... . •...... . .. ..

$11 .97

Junior Toy Electric Range

Fiber glass insulated oven, door has see-thru

window. Aluminized burner plate. Easy-grip han–

dles, play switches. Coral baked enamel finish,

white trim.

12%xll ~x7

in. With oven rack,

cook book of tested recipes that fit 9 utensils:

aluminum saucepan and cover, 4-in. round layer

cake pan, pie plate, oblong cake pan. cookie sheet,

3 cookie cutters, measuring spoon, box of Brillo.

UL approved. 110-volt, 60 cycle AC.

49 N 1118-Shipping weight 8 pounds.•......... $6.


Hutch with Tea Set

Little girls will love this truly handsome

cupboard, strikingly colored and decorated

with quaint Tyrolean designs. Durably built

of steel. Drawer opens with brass handles,

bottom doors have brass hinges. Accessories

of steel, enameled in contrasting colors with

Starlight design: 3 graduated size canisters,

3 cups, 3 saucers, teapot, sugar and creamer.


inches high.


N 01120-Shpg. wt. 8 lbs... . .... . ....


Old Fashioned Kitchen Set like Grandma's

Unbreakable plastic. Use for play or as a decorative ornament in the home.

8Ux4-in. high stove with removable lids, oven door and shelves; sink actually

pumps water, bas hinged doors that open; table with 2 chairs; skillet, Dutch

oven, saucepan, mixing spoon, spatula, turning fork.

Aluminum Cook and Bake Set

A real incentive for youngsters to try

their hand at cooking and baking. 26

child-size real aluminum utensils, just

like mother's ... everything they need

for fun in the kitchen. Includes 2 meas–

uring spoons (U teaspoon, % teaspoon),

2 layer cake pans, 2 sauce pans (U cup,


cup), 4 cookie cutters (cat, dog,

rabbit, chick); one each double boiler,

frying pan, biscuit pan, cookie sheet,

mixing spoon, scoop, measuring cup,.

cake turner, muffin pan, flour canister,

angel cake pan, covered bowl, colander,

Some items trimmed with gay red han–

dles. Order today .. avoid the rush.

27-piece Plastic Cook Set

Little homemakers will be proud to

show off this set ... it's up-to-the-min–

ute in every detail. Hard white plastic

with brightly colored modern designs.

Includes teakettle and lid, covered

skillet and saucepan, pop-up-action

toaster, fryer, waffle iron-griddle, per–

colator with stove; spatula, ladle, slotted

spoon, pancake turner hang neatly from

their own holder. Red and white

"squeeze bottle" plastic utensils include

flour, tea, sugar and coffee canisters

with lids, covered cake dish. Cutouts of

toast, waffie squares, piece of cherry

pie, bacon and eggs.


N 01110-Shipping weight 3 pounds. . ... . ... .... . ............. . .... . ..$2.67

Toy Electric Mixer

Just the right size for little hands. Looks,

operates like mother's. Made of alumi–

num. Finished in red and white. Alumi–

num mixing bowl incl. Operates at a

slow safe speed, will mix liquids. Pow–

ered by standard flashlight battery

(not incl.). 6 in. high over all. Gift boxed.

49 N 1216- Shipping weight 1 lb... . ..$2.52

34 N 4650- Bottery. Shpg.


8 oz... 2 for 33c





N 940- Shipping wt. 1 lb. 4 oz . . ...


49 N 949- Shipping


1 lb.