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true-to-life Appliances

These Ironing Needs will keep dolly well groomed


Ironing Board. 8x30-inch perforated steel top. Has folding

steel legs. 22 inches high.


7 9 N 01 002-Shipping weight 4 pounds..•............•.•..... $1.99

49 N 1008-Cover and pod for above. Shipping weight 4 oz... . .... .67c

79 N 0 1021-lroning board 111, pod end cover. Shpg. wt.


lbs.... 2.52

79 N 01039-lron ISee 3 below), ironing board Ill, pad and cover.

Shipping weight


pounds.. . .......................... . ......$4.59


Our Best Ad justable Steel Ironing Board. Pretty pink

and blue enameled finish. Adjusts to three different

heights quickly and easily. Perforated 30x8-inch top. Strong

tubular steel legs with plastic tips won't scratch floors.

79 N 01032-Shipping weight


pounds .. . ................... $2.72

79 N 01049-lroning Boord 121 pad and cover. Shpg. wt.


lbs...... $3.22

79 N 01 042- Jron lSee 3 below) with ironing board {2), pad and cover.

Shipping weight 7 pounds . . . . ................................ $5.39

(]] Toy Electric Iron ... actually heats, does a good job of

ironing ... just what little mothers need to keep dolly's

wardrobe neat. Chrome-plated hood, cast metal base. Black

Bakelite handle. 20 watts, 110-120-volt, 60-cycle AC. UL

approved. 6


inches long.

49N 101 8-Shipping weight 1pound2 ounces .... .............$2.2 7


Non-electric Iron. Chrome-plated steel hood; cord, imita–

tion plug. Bakelite handle. 6


inches long.

49 N 101 2-Shipping weight 8 ounces ..................... . ....77c

5-piece Cleaning Set


Happi-Time set makes miniature

housekeeping jobs fun. Metal sweep–

er 972x772x2 in. has fiber bristle brush

and bottom that opens to empty. Plastic

bristle broom with 24-inch wood handle,

dustpan. 26-inch multi-colored wood–

handled dust mop. Plastic apron.

79 N 01302- Shipping wt. 3 lbs....... $1.87

31-pieFe Feeding Set


5 polyethylene bottles with caps,

nipples. Metal sterilizer with cover,

plastic bottle rack, tongs. Measuring

cup, spoon, funnel. Orange juicer with

strainer, feeding dish, spoon, teething

cup, rattle, bottle brush, soap powder,

sponge. Pastel colors.

49 N 1373- Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 11 oz.. . ....$1 .84

Friction Vacuum Cleaner


Cleaning days are fun days! As little

housekeeper pushes, motor hums,

"cold" sparks fly . .. cleaner actually

picks up dirt by suction and revolving

brush. Vinyl plastic bag inflates and top

slides off to empty. Sweeper 6x672x3 in.

Over-all height 27 in. From Japan.

49 N 1203- Shipping weight 2 lbs.. . . ..$1.87

Diaper Bag Set


Plastic zipper bag with shoulder

strap contains all of dolly's travel

needs. Polyethylene milk-colored nurs–

ing bottle with nipple, feeding bib to

protect dolly's dainty dresses, absorbent

diaper and gold-colored safety pin.

Pastel colors.

49 N 1310- Shipping weight 1 pound . .. . 9 2c

Washer-Dryer Combination

What a thrill she'll get when she

sees this! Looks exactly like the

washer mother uses . . . really

washes and spins dry by crank

action. Turn on the "wash"

switch, watch through trans–

parent plastic top to see clothes

"agitate." Switch to' "dry" for

spin-dry action ... t11b revolves

rapidly. Water empties by drain

hose at side. Pink heavy gauge



in. high.

49 N 1011 - Wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz...$2.99

Toy Electric Washer

Washing dolly's clothes is more

fun than ever because this

realistic model actually washes

. . operates on two standard

flashlight batteries (not includ–

ed). Has plastic agitator. Push

off-on switch for action. Hand–

cranked wringer with rubber

rollers. Pink with black trim,

plastic lid. 7x12 in. high.

49 N 1003-Shpg.


3 lbs...


34 N 4650-Two batteries for above.

Shipping weight 8 ounces....


for 33c

10-piece Laundry Set

Monday is washday, and here's

everything she needs to complete

her washday chores. Washer

that really works! Just turn the

crank and see its churning clean–

ing action. The adjustable wring–

er has hard rubber rollers. Pink

metal machine with sturdy

plastic lid has no sharp edges to

cut little fingers. 7x12 inches


Set also includes revolving

dryer, just like mother's, woven

laundry basket, six wooden

clothespins and a clothesline for

hours of washday fun. Order

early, avoid the rush.

49 N 1033- Shpg. wt. 3 lbs... $ 2.89