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Give her a Train Case

White vinyl case with travel motif

decorations. Fitted with high

quality non-toxic cosmetics. Lift–

out tray, bubble bath, sachet and

talcum powder, shampoo, cologne,

toilet water, atomizer, hand lotion,

nail brush, hair brush, lipstick,

emery board, orange stick. Case



inches high.

49N104_7-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 10 oz.





Delight a Junior Sophisticate


The Gibson Girl. Top

of dress is white or–

gandy , lacy trim, red rose

decoration ; puff sleeves

have elastic. lllack and

white checked rayon taf–

feta skirt, black rayon

satin ruffie. Veiled straw

hat with black and white

checked ribbon and bow,

red rose. Black plastic belt,

gold color buckle. Shoes

not incl.

State size


(age 3-5), Medium (age

6-8), Large (age 8-10).

49N1020-Wt. I lb. 4 oz.$5.97

Cosmetic Vanity

Sturdy, washable vinyl plastic bag

decorated with pert teenage pony

tail motif . . . filled with good

grooming aids and harmless cos–

metics. Includes pretend lipstick,

2 powder puffs, perfume bottle and

atomizer, 3-way vanity mirror,

powder and rouge compacts, hand

mirror, comb, cuticle scissors,

emery board, nail buffer and white

nail pencil. 4x9x5 inches high.

49 N 1396-Shpg. wt. 1 lb.. . . ..$2.62


Balloon Dress Ensem-

ble. White rayon taf–

feta bodice bound in black

velvet; overskirt of flocked

nylon sheer, puffed out and

tucked into and under

white rayon taffeta under–

skirt. Black velvet high

waistb and , removable

rhinestone pin. Nylon hose




"grown-up" misses. Shoes

not included.



Small (age 3-5), Medium

(6-8), Large (age 8-10).

49N1027-Shpg. wt. 12 oz.$3.57

Play Spray Set

[] Sophisti-Kit Set. Red

rayon satin gown; metalo

lie white cotton jersey mitts;

rayon silver color lame clutch

bag, sequin trimmed veil;

rhinestone ring. Necklace;

"orchid" corsage.



(age 3-4}, Medium (age5-7) ,

Large (age 8-10).

49 N 1045-Shpg. wt. I lb.$3.97


Red Shoes. No-trip de-

sign. Plastic strap tops,

silver-color studs.



(age 3- 5), Medium (age

6-7), Large (age 8-10).

49 N 1081-Shpg. wt.


oz.. 87c


Glitter Gown. There'll

be stars


her eyes

when she sees herself in

this glamourous evening

gown . . what fun she'll

have draping and styling it

in a dozen different ways.

Gown of blue mylustra

jersey highlighted with

Lurex. Glitter mitts of

white mylustra. Sparkling

imitation rhinestone pin


Please slate size

Small (age 3-4), Medium

(5-7), Large (age 8-10).

49N1046-Shpg. wt. 1 lb.$4.80

Fashion Snap-link Kit

Easy-to-use non-toxic glamour

aids for little ladies . . encourage

cleanliness and make bath-time

luxurious. Set consists of 2 cans

of clean-scented bubble bath, one

can of delightfully fragrant cologne

foam which soothes and smooths

the skin, one can of beauty cream

skin softener with dainty fragrance,

one can of hair spray just like

mother uses. All cans contain 2 oz.

49 N 1048-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.. . . . $2.87

Compact clear plastic container packed with ap–

proximately 200 colorful plastic pieces ... square

and round shapes in a big variety of sizes. Design

fashion jewelry by merely snapping together any

conbination of pieces ... make pretty bracelets

and chokers, belts and long necklaces. An endless

number of designs and items are possible. Kid–

dies will love showing off the " jewelry" they've

designed. Children will create their own "jewel–


styles and shapes. Unbreakable plastic pieces

in bright assorted colors.

49 N 1367- Shipping weight I pound .......... .$2.58