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Naptime dolls need

their own little beds




Swing-Basket .. so quaint

and sweet. Wicker basket


from wood frame to

"rock-a-bye baby". Rayon

ribbon bow and "draft" pro–

tector at lower part of basket.

Mattress not incl. Frame folds.

16x24Y:ix18 in. high overall.

79N0921 ll-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.



fiber Doll Basket with

Hood. Light weight for

little mothers to carry, strong

for long wear. Legs fold, lock

in place. Movable hood; rolls

on casters. Pastel trim. 12x23x

26 inches high. Assembled.

79N09255-Basket. Wt.7 lbs.


49N9253-Pad and Plastic Print

liner for above. Wt. 10 oz... $1.59


Musicradle .. turn crank,

rock dolly totuneof "Rock–

a-bye Baby". Wood cradle,

multi-color sides. Decorated

head and footboard, decorated

woodmattress. Crib 11Y2)<18Y:i

in. long. Easy assembly.

49 N


4-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. $3.29


Doll Bedding Set .. make

dolly cozy! Pink cotton

beacon-cloth blauket, 17x24

in.; cotton flannel receiving

blanket, 17x17 in.; sheet, 17x

27 in.;embroidery-edgedpillow

slip; pillow; clothes pins,

safety pins.

49 N 9275-Shpg. wt. 8 oz. $1 .89





Drop-side Cribs and Bunk Bed for dolly's bed-time

[]) Hardwood Crib with clear varnish

finish. Strong construction, with easy–

rolling casters, Masonite Presdwood bot–

tom has colorful screened nursery print.

25x14Y:ix20 in. high. Easy assembly.

79 N 09238-Shipping weight 9 lbs... ... $3.98


Natural-finish Wood Crib with open-

panel headboard . . footboard with

plastic play beads. Masonite Presdwood



colorful screened nursery print.

Plasticno-marcasters. Soft plasticbumper.

Crib 25x15x21 inches high overall.

79 N 09216R-Easy assembly. Wt. 13 lbs. $6.98


Economy Doll Crib. Maple-finished

or pink enamel wood (no choice),

dowel joints. Coated cardboard bottom

with wood slat supports. Size 22x12x17Y:i

inches high overall. Easy assembly.

79 N 09305-Shipping weight 3 pounds.. $1 .84

[]] Bunk Bed Ensemble. Hardwood beds

convert from 26-inch high double–

decker to two 14x25-inch twin beds. White

finish,panel headboards.Whiteaccessories:

plastic padded mattresses, ruffled pillows.

Matching ladder. Easy assembly.

79 N 09231-Shpg. wt. 12 lbs. .. Ensemble


Everything to make dolly's play-time happier •. her care easier for mommy


Dolly-Swing Car Seat Combination

with tubular steel frame, plastic tips

to protect floor. Yellow duck swing car

seat . . 8'Y:ix8 in. Swing hangs on sturdy

ropes. Size overall 36 in. high. Folds fiat

for storage. Doll not included.


N 09256- Shipping weight 4 lbs.. .... $4.69


Teeter-Babe . . made just like the real

ones. Steel frame, sturdy red canvas

seat. Play tray to keep dolly amused!

Fits most dolls up to 21 inches tall. Size

overall 7x9x15 in. high.

49N9217- Shpg. wt. 1lb.9 oz.... ... . $1.69

(1 1)(12) Steel High Chairs. Little mothers

will have a great time feeding their doll–

babies at these all-metal high chairs.

Movable feeding trays make it easy to put

dolly in or take her out. Shaped seats and

backs bold doll safely . . foot rest, scooped

tray. Legs have tips to prevent marring

floor. Blue and yellow enamel' finish. Un–



Tubular Steel legs. Height 29 in.

49 N 9254- Shpg. wt. 6 lbs........ . $3.44


Channel Steel legs. Height 24 in.



9249- Shpg. wt.


lbs. 8 oz. .. . $2.44


Doll Bath with Dressing Table top.

Vinyl plastic with metal accessory

tray, rubber drain hose. Y:i-inch embossed

tubular aluminum frame .. folds to store.

Sponge, comb, soap included. 12Y:jx2lx

27Y:i in. high.

79 N

09215l-Shipping weight 4 pounds $3.97


Pine Wardrobe for dolly. Natural

wood finish. Has hat shelf, hangers

and drawer. Masonite Presdwood back,

shelf, drawer bottom. Hanger rod under

shelf. Size 14x7x21 inches high overall.

79 N

09276- Shipping weight 10 lbs.... $5.98