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Jerry Mahoney Ventriloquist Dummy

A professional dummy, patterned after the famous TV funster.

Now, buckling ventriloquists can own a dummy that moves its

eyes, mouth and head. All movements separately controlled as on

professional dummies. Jerry wears assorted color cotton gabardine

suit. white shirt, tie, shoes. Hard plastic head, painted hair. Torso

is fiberboard. Legs and a rms cotton stuffed. Vinyl hands.


corrugated valise, with instruction booklet.

49 N 3591 -32-in. Jerry described obove. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs.......... $18.98

49 N 3588-32-in. Jerry. Painted, non-moving eyes. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs... 13.89


N 3594-24-in. Jerry. Similar to above, but with cotton stuffed body

Mouth moves with string manipulation. Shpg.


3 lbs................








Football Hero

to Autograph

27-in. Dick Clark


Teen-age idol .. as a

most alive-looking auto–

graph doll. From vinvl head

to stylish shoes he's a;1 excit–

ing autograph item for

memorable occasions. Dick

wears cotton poplin jacket,

pants. Vest, sewed-on shirt

with cuffs and cuff links.

Cotton stuffed body. A fine

gift for teen-agers.

79 N 03570-Shipping

weight 4 pounds. ..

. . $7.49

Football Hero


Just the thing for auto-

graphs of the entire foot–

ball team . the cheer lead–

ers .. or your friends in the

stands. Big 15-inch doll is

cotton-stuffed .. has lots of

room on his cloth covered

body for names and quips.

Ball point pen included.

49 N 3568-Wt.2 lbs.4oz. $4.77

Whimsical Characters we love


Famous Emmet Kelly . . the sad-faced

clown. Wonderful replica, now all vinyl

one-piece body. Emmet stands on his feet,

wears sewed-in cotton shirt and clown pants

. . felt coat, big tie. Vinyl shoes.

49 N 3850-13V2 in. tall. Shpg. wt. 1 lb.... . .$2.69

[]] "Poor Pitiful Pearl." A sad sight in her

patched cotton dress, scarf. and ragged

socks and shoes. See the change in this 13-

inch vinyl doll when you put on " rejuvena–

tion" outfit (included). Fully jointed body,

go-to-sleep eyes, rooted Saran hair.


N 3848-Shipping weight 1lb.6 oz.. __ .. $4.97

Soft Companions for tiny tots


Sleepy-head .. soft and squeezy. A

real crib-pal. Washable, cotton-backed

rayon plush .. feather-foam stuffed. Vinyl

face .. curly yarn hair. 14 inches long.

49 N 3504-With Swiss Music Box thot

ploys o gentle tune. Shipping wt. I lb.....


49 N 3527-Without music box. Wt. 14 oz. 2.69


Cuddly-Wuddly. A soft 1471!-inch doll

for little ones. Cotton stuffed body,

painted plastic face, yarn ringlets. Cot–

ton-print apron and fabric body.


N 3501 -Shipping weight 14 oz...... $1.47


"Patti" . . a big, 25-inch flippity-

floppity doll with striped cotton skirt

and pinafore. Painted plastic face, yarn

hair, pony tail style. Cotton-stuffed body.

49 N 3593-Sh ipping weight 2 lbs ...... $1.97


"Prithilla"-Cute little tomboy of vinyl.



in. tall, with rooted Saran hair,

sleeping eyes. Jointed arms, legs; turning



cotton shirt, jeans .. socks, shoes.

49 N 3395-Shipping weight 1 lb. 6 oz ...... $3.89


Sad-Sack. Vinyl 16-in. doll. One-piece

body. Comical GI Joe .. dressed in buck

private's cotton uniform, buckle, belt, cap.

49 N 3888-Shipping weight I lb. 4 oz...... $3.97

[) Rose O'Neil's Kewpie. Plastic jointed to

pose 1,001 ways. Coo voice. Cotton suit.

49 N 3542-

. doll. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 6 oz... $2.89