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I roll my eyes,

I have long lashes

I sit so nicely




Take me




you go

Toodles with Kart


The action baby-doll that feels and poses like a real baby

jointed arms and legs, head turns. She's vinyl plastic, drinks

and wets; bathe her in a tub like a real baby. Coy rolling and

sleeping glassene eyes with long curled lashes. See her on TV.

food ies


her Super

Kart. Fun galore with this big 22-in. cuddly baby.

Brush and comb her curly rooted Saran hair. Take her with you on shop–

ping trips. 18xl3x2372-in. high Super Kart is all steel, wood push handle

- use it as a high chair or stroller. Basket at bottom filled with boxes

marked like name-brand foods. Basket is removable. Toodles dressed

in cotton sateen romper. socks and shoes, ribbon in her hair. Has her

o\vn bottle, drinks and wets, coos when hugged. Pose her in many


79 N 03265- Toodles in Super Kort. Portiolly assembled. Wt. 11 lbs....... $17.97



dolly your little girl will love ..


Eosy Terms.


294 for details




Toodles Toddler with Hair

She walks with you when you

guide her and stands alone. An

exquisitely dressed little girl- 23

inches tall. She has rooted Saran

hair. Wears a lace-trimmed ny–

lon dress with embroidered yoke,

sleeves. Dainty tulle ruffies en–

hance her matching nylon baby

hat. Lace trimmed slip, ruffled

panties, shoes, socks complete

her wardrobe. She has the fea–

tures described at left, below but

does not drink, wet or coo.

Shipping weight 5 pounds.

79 N 03268 .

. . $1


Toodles with Molded Hair

Adorable 23-inch Toodles walks

with you when guided and is

dressed for play in her cotton

seersucker romper with embroi–

dered eyelet collar. Matching

sunbonnet shades her pretty

eyes. Shoes and socks on her

toddling little feet complete her

outfit. She's all vinyl, jointed

and life-like; has rolling, sleeping

glassene eyes. She's much too

g-rown-up to drink, wet or cry

out loves to be bathed.

Shipping weight 4 pounds.

79 N 03266 ... .. .. . ... .. $1 1.97

Traveling Infant Toadies in her Car Bed

Soft vinvl 16-inch infant Toodles is a great little traveler. Her quilted car

bed has tufted air-filled mattress. sturdv metal frame. Toodles nestles snugly

in a glamorous lace-trimmed rayon


bunting with matching satin bonnet

over her rooted curly Saran. hair. Underneath, she wears a cute checked

romper and knitted booties. Toodles has pretty, sleeping glassene eyes with

lashes .. jointed arms and legs, movable head to pose in all the cute positions

of a real little baby. She coo's happily when you squeeze her. See how many

ways her car bed can be used in the small views above.

49 N 3263- lnfont Toadies in 20-inch Cor Bed. Shipping weight


lbs. 6 oz.... . $ 1 1.87